Kickstarter Round Up - December Edition

There seem to be quiet a few Kickstarters sitting in my favourites  folder, with the clock running down on them. Some are going to be over before you can spend your Christmas money on them, but others are fine candidates for a bit of cash from Santa.

AE-WWII: European Theatre

Blackball Games has now funded the re-release of AE-WWII (With a very small number of backers). Some of the models look interesting, but your mileage on another WWII alt history game may vary. Some of models are certainly worth checking out (others I'm not so sure on, as proportions look off. Owning some of the Emaciated Troopers, I'd be tempted to put this down to photo manipulation but can't point you at this without flagging it up), I really like the Wendigo, and the Hell Hounds.

 2.8D Laser Wargaming Terrain 


Sadly I suspect this project isn't going to make its funding goals, and it's a shame, because it looks like a good project. 

These do look like a nice gaming accessory, in both meanings. For only $15 (+$10 outside the US (natch)) it's not a bad price, and there are a wide range of styles and colours available.

Imbrian Arts Miniatures

Funding for this project seems to be going very well indeed. If it didn't initially grab your attention, it's worth checking back to see what has been added.

Gaming Boards from Games & Gears

Another project that is sadly short of its goal I really hope this seems a surge of interest, as the kits do look good, and certainly more versatile and useful than GW's terrain boards.

 Requiem Vampire Knight

A bit of an odd one this, and edging from miniature to strict board gaming. The Indiegogo page is sadly not much to look at, but game rules (pdf) and a tutorial can now be found on the company's site. Based on the French comic book Requiem Chevalier Vampire, written by 2000AD stalwart Pat Mills there really ought to be more of a buzz going around about this. The project is under flexible funding, so it will get all the money raised even if the stated goal isn't met.

 You Are The Hero

Hands up if you've ever read/played a Fighting Fantasy book? Time to pitch in on a book about the history of the game then.

Kingdom Death: Monster

The game is well passed funded, and the focus now is on expansion packs. Expect things to get pricey quick as you start adding in options, but I've only ever heard good things about the models.

Through The Breach - Malifaux RPG

As things stand, this is the only project on the list I have actually backed. The more that is revealed the more this sounds like it is going to be a great project. I'll no doubt be posting more about it, separately later. Funding seems to have started well, but has lessened recently. Hopefully we'll see it kick up soon, and get some of the more interesting stretch goals unlocked. With 30 days to go, and the promise of a constant feed of information about the RPG I can really see the game doing well.

Wonderlands - Demon Miniatures

With a fairly low target, flexible funding, reasonably priced rewards, and a while left on the clock this campaign looks to be a good one, especially considering the quality of the sculpts shown so far.

Willy Miniatures' Chaos Fantasy Football Team

 Beastmen and Chaos Warriors for Fantasy Football? You know you want to.

Eternity Dice

Eternity Dice ought to be a name familiar to some of you, as this is the second bite of the cherry they're having with a second project to build upon the old one. Jumping ships to Indiegogo, if you want some unique dice then this is your second chance.

And for now that's your lot. If anyone knows of something I've missed I'd be gald to add it it, otherwise, happy pledging.