Maelstrom Games - Word From Mierce Miniatures

Fields of Blood has posted up a fairly huge chunk of text pulled from the Beastmen internet forum, in which Tim Fischer talked about the Maelstrom closure.

I won't text dump here, so head to Fields Of Blood to give it a read. Interesting to get a fresh perspective on things.

How have people done getting their last orders or money back from Maelstrom?

There is one thing at the end that's worth pondering though
"If the GW decision to stop traders from selling to the RoW [Rest of the world] was such a massive blow to MG then I'm afraid there's another one coming that will be the death knell of all large online retailers within the UK that sell a lot of GW..... GW will soon be bringing in a new addition to their T&Cs. Retailers will be limited to selling £75k of GW product a year. By comparison that's roughly the amount MG would order from GW in two weeks. Yup, two weeks and GW was roughly 50-55% of MGs turnover. So that said I think the days of the giant mega-online store are over (in the UK/Europe at least) . The future is in many smaller stores all ticking over. I wouldn't be placing a GW order with a massive store as once that change comes in someone is going the way of MG.........."
I'd take that with the large pinch of salt all internet rumours deserve, but it is a worrying thought if we all have to go back to buying GW products at GW prices, because the knock on effect would be nasty indeed, for the customers and the independent stores. I'll believe it when I see it though, as it seems to be cutting off the nose to spite the face a bit. £75,000 a year comes down to £6,250 a month, or £200 ish a day. If it does turn out to be true expect to see the independents pushing alternate systems, as other companies take the initiative and make a push for new customers (on this note it'd be interesting to find some sort of figures for if the gaming scene have shifted since the RoW trading ban).