Relics - Indiegogo Package 2

relicslogoThose of you that have been reading this blog for a while may remember my earlier posts about Tor Gaming's Relics Indiegogo campaign, and the first set of miniatures I received, for the Britanan and Vaettir Factions.

Well, 6 months or so on, and the second and final wave of miniatures have arrived (in fact December is looking to be a very good month for a number of physical rewards from Kickstarter campaigns turning up, as you'll see over the next few days). At the pledge level I went for I got additonal models for the two Factions I'd picked, and a set of Nuem postcards, with artwork for the new Faction on them.

Onto the models then. Unboxing the parcel revealed the following set of individual packages, which split down into two each for the Factions.


Let's start with the Britanans.


The top row is three Highlanders. I was surprised that two of these would be single pieces miniatures, but the sculpts don't suffer for it, and it's always nice to be able to only have to base a model.

The two models on the second line are the standard bearer and drummer that make up the Company Colour Party.

The models all went together very easily. as can been seen from the picture above there was no flash to clear off, and only a few mould lines to be dealt with. I've glued the models slightly proud of the bases as a personal thing (the first set of models had very high tabs, and rather than trim them I glue them as they were, and left the model sticking up. When I prep things for painting you'll see how I'm solving the issue. These models will be part of the same force, and need to match them in height). I remain enamoured by the character of the Britanan puppets, are once I can find a nice technique for painting their sacking, I'm going to enjoy painting them.

The second faction were the Vaettir, with a more complex set.

The lack of included instructions or pictures of the finished products was a bit of an issue here, and some google-fu was needed to hunt down the names (the blocky creatures are Cylod, while the spiders things are Cwalu) and then pictures of the units, so they could be posed as the sculptor intended and the joints required.

This set needed a little bit more cleaning with some flash, on the faces on the top right, and then some repair work when the pick like weapon on the sprue broke as it was being removed. Too thin to be pinned it's held together by glue and crossed fingers. These things happen though (as the Hobbit unboxing attest (although I didn't think I was this clumsy) and serves as a remind how much easier plastic is to repair). The only other thing of note is the lack of basing tabs on these models, which is going to mean a bit of extra work when it comes to doing the bases and attaching them. Anyway, assembled here's what they look like.

I think it's be down to the paintwork on the Cylod (on the left) to really make them stand out, and make the poses work. The Cwalu on the other hand have a menace all of their own, I am tempted to butcher the legs and repose them standing on the tips of their fit though. We'll see about that though.

Overall I'm very please with the models, and while I am biased towards the Britanan forces the Vaettir are equally good in terms of quality. 


  1. Loved the look of these and the concept of the game when I saw the kickstarter (with a small k) campaign - courtesy of a link from your very own blog ;
    Sadly it was around the same time as I'd just spanked a load of cash on KoW Kickstarter, so couldnt afford it, plus my gaming circle is pretty small right now so also knew I wouldnt get much gaming from them :(
    Looking forward to seeing your paint jobs on them

    1. Heh, good to know the blog has some continuity, and use. Tor does seem to have been a fairly quiet company (although if there is one thing the blog has taught me, it's the depth of my own ignorance as to what miniature companies are out there), which is a shame, as their models are very well cast, and Relics has a nice range of aesthetics (I'm not a fan of the Orcnar or Nuem from a looks point of view, but they will appeal to others ) and play styles, while avoiding the standard fantasy tropes. I need to sit down with the rules set and get a few games played for a review on here next year.

      The kickstarters (there's a word destined to go the same way as Hoover as the brand becomes the product) did seem to come very close together at some points this year, and I think both backers and bricks and mortar stores are feeling the pinch (interestingly there seem to be a lot more hobby based KS projects not meeting their targets for whatever reason). There are more than a few projects I've either not pledged on, or pledged less on than I'd have like to because of the sheer number.

      Tor do have another Kickstarter project in the works (which I seem to be saying about a lot of companies at the moment, as they come back for a second bite of the cherry (Wyrd, Mongoose, and now Tor). Interestingly they've actually moved to Kickstarter to host this one. It seems to be a ball based sports game, that will no doubt see comparisons to Dreadball and Blood Bowl (it will be interesting to see how it differentiates itself from the new and old guard of these games. I for one would be quite happy to see a far more Rugby Union feel, but that's me). Keep an eye on Relics: Armistice Leauge for details, and a date for it going live.

      Breaking into a new system is always hard, both personally and then piquing and groups interest (Kickstarters are no doubt making it easier for companies to snag that first flush of customers, but spreading the game after that must still be a huge hurdle, especially given the competition for money and time that KS itself only exacerbates).

      Not sure when they'll see the painting table, but I am keen to make 2013 are far more successful year in getting models from the package to the display cabinet than 2012 has proven to be.


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