Rogue Trooper Miniature Game On Its Way

Mongoose Publishing have this to say in their "State Of The Mongoose 2012" forum post.

"Quite clearly, Kickstarter is a system that works to not only bring a game to fruition, but get the word of it out to a large number of gamers. So, it will be worth doing again…
Thus, we are happy to announce that by the time the last Dredd models will be getting into backer’s hands, the Rogue Trooper miniatures game will be appearing on Kickstarter, likely in the last week of January.
Based on another 2000AD comic strip, Rogue Trooper is the story of a Genetically-engineered Infantryman (GI) fighting on Nu Earth, a war-blasted but strategically vital world torn apart by the Southers and the Norts (who will you side with?). Battlefields are wreathed in the poison gas unleashed by millions of chemical weapons, while the high commands of both the Southers and the Norts engineer ever more devastating and vile secret weapons – the latter will very much be a feature of this game.

The rules themselves will be based on the popular Battlefield Evolution/Starship Troopers system, allowing you to fight anything from squad skirmishes (or just a single model, if you take Rogue himself), to platoon and company level clashes with battlefields filled with boobytraps, tanks and secret weapons.

This will be a truly vicious war, utterly appalling to those who fight it, on par with the worst of World War I trenches, but with the mobility of World War II, mixed with the technology of the far future. Thankfully, safely insulated from the terror and despair by our models and tabletop, you will be able to launch cunning strikes with elite infantry, bear the brunt of the enemy assault with the rest of your forces, and launch the deadliest secret weapons in a bid for final victory over Nu Earth!"
I for one am looking forward to seeing this.