Space Hulk Returning To PC

Somewhere around I have a copy of Space Hulk: Vengeance Of The Blood Angels, that has seen a fair bit of play on my PS2 over the years. Looks like I might be blowing the dust off it in anticipation for this...

Here's what White Dwarf Daily has to say about the game.It's worth checking out the post on the GW site to see some very nicely converted and painted Terminators.

"Storm bolters, power fists, bulky suits of Terminator armour and a claustrophobic corridor full of Genestealers. Space Hulk is one of our classic games that's attracted a cult following over the years and many an evening has been spent by hobbyists pounding up and down cramped passageways blasting Genestealers into bloody chunks. Well there's good news on the horizon because computer games developer Full Control have started work on a new Space Hulk computer game.

You take command of a strike force of Blood Angels Terminators as they make their way through the close confines of the Space Hulk - Sin of Damnation. It's a turn-based game that emulates the look and feel of the board game, but with full 3D animation. Genestealers lurk menacingly while the Terminators use their action points, bolter rounds tear down corridors in overwatch cut-scenes and whole sections of corridor are set alight as the heavy flamer hoses them down. There's a lot of exciting features to this game, which will be coming out next year on PC, Mac and iOS."

I'll be keeping an eye on but for now my excitement is under control until we get a look at gameplay, or a better cinematic trailer.


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