Sunday Photo Page - Mystery Model 2

So last week's model was an easy one. This ought to be a little trickier (not least for the bad quality).

Guesses in the comments.


  1. I'm tempted to say Captain Tycho
    Not much to go on though, and those feet bits appear on a few other models, but are posed differently...

  2. Congratulations to Jørn N, it is indeed an Adeptus Arbite, with the tab giving the date as 1992. Well done for being within 2 years though, as I wouldn't have much clue as to what came out when, even recently.

    Ollie, I expected a few guesses based on the style of feet, as GW do seem to have a liking for ribbed toes. They turn up on a number of Marines (notably BA characters), as well as the Van Saar gangers, Arbites, and probably elsewhere as well. I think they've fallen out of favour in recent years though.


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