Broadcast Signal Intrusion - The End Of The Dandy

Today sees the last print issue (#3610) of The Dandy published, after 75 years.


And from Jamie Smart (who's work I've loved for ages. See Bear, the amazing Kocki Wanaba. and his current web comic, Corporate Skull), who's been doing art for the Dandy for 9 years, and has done the final cover, there's this...
"Well, here we are. The final Dandy is out this week. It’s a bumper issue featuring the very first issue of The Dandy (from 1937), as well as an enormous countdown of The Dandy’s best characters from then to now (including a load of new material!). Frankly, it’s beautiful, a remarkable end to an even more remarkable history. 75 years of wonderful British comic fun, signing off in style.
It is sad though, be warned. What a legacy, but what an emotional way to end.
I was honoured to be asked to draw the front cover for the final issue. And to be honest, my entire nine (or so) year career at The Dandy has been one honour after another. Getting hired was the first honour, drawing Desperate Dan was one of the biggest, and being given the responsibility to create this final front cover just blew me away (incidentally, on the back cover, a titan amongst Dandy artists has drawn his own version of the cover I did, and it made me yelp with joy. One, final, honour)."
This isn't the end though, as The Dandy is heading into the digital age.

Image, and the quote from The Forbidden Planet Blog, which in turn takes content from Jamie Smart's Blog.