Tor Gaming - Relics AL - Kickstarter

In a weird case of coincidence, this has just got in before I start my DreadBall coverage.

Tor Gaming, who make Relics (which I have talked about on this blog before) are Kickstarting another project. A fantasy football game set in the world of Relica. Called "Relics: Armistice League". The project is interesting on a number of levels, firstly due to its limited scope, being dedicated to just one team, the Britanan All Stars. (This means some teams might fall flat, it's unlikely, but it's possible). Secondly is the move away from the standard grid format of tabletop football games.

Here are some of the sculpts and sketches.

The Guard sculpt
 The Guard


The set is very reasonably priced, at £26 for 15 models, (well, £36 outside the UK).

And to finish off, here's the video for the Kickstarter...

Which sadly brings to mind this...

Not to knock Tor, I really do like their product, but it's not being shown off to it's best here. Give the video long enough to get to the Britanan model being in focus and you'll see some of the quality shine through. Hopefully this project will smash it's target (although, if it's stays Britanan focused, and stretch goals are introduced, it could see this team favoured in terms of extra models etc).