January Success and Failure

At the start of the month I posted a list of things that I wanted to achieve during January. Well the time has come to see how I got on. I've repeated the list greyed out below.

I tried hard not to go on about what I think I'll do next month, as I want a clean slate tomorrow.


I want to get one crew based and painted this month. As things stand I think this will be Sonnia Criid's box set, with it's grand total of five models. I'll be using the herringbone bases I tested out here, so they'll be refinements to those to do as well, and the issue of how to attach models to bases although I have a cunning plan.

Well, this didn't happen. There are two reasons for this. To deal with the painting first - I fell foul of my own perfect streak. Unhappy with how the painting of the Witchlings went, I decided to strip them and start again. This had a knock on effect on the bases, as with the models soaking in Dettol (when I eventually got some) there was nothing to work with while basing. All this makes the first task a failure on every count. 


I have some old models, both from my own collection, and from eBay, that need the paint removing from them. My old standby for doing so was brake fluid, but that's evil stuff, so I'll be trying the internet recommended Simple Green, or, as I'm in the UK, Dettol. I'll be chronicling my (mis)adventures, and we'll see if I have any models left by the month's end.

This has been a success, as evidenced by the stripping paint post. I've got models still sitting in the Dettol, and the paint is failing off them, they just need a scrub down and they'll be ready to go.


I have the models and I just need to get them set up for painting, as they languished half done for a while now. This means finding a better way to attach the small parts to painting stands, and starting a hunt for bases suited to the models.

I spent an evening putting the smaller parts on cocktail sticks, so they're set up for painting. You can see the results on one of the Sunday Photo Pages The bases however, I've had issues with, as my supplier fell through.


I need to take stock of what Khador models I have, and see what needs to be added to round out a starting force. I want to say it's just a Mortar and a Unit Attachment, but I need to make sure before I order anything.

I managed to deal with this fairly early in the month, although it has to be said it wasn't a hard task as it basically amounts to "go shopping".


Fingers crossed, the Sedition Wars box will be arriving this month, and that will no doubt steal a few nights. I've no plans to paint it until the later shipment arrives, along with a DVD paint guide from Mike McVey.

Sedition Wars has indeed arrived, as my review posts attest. I'm glad I'd planned it into the schedule as otherwise it would have shoved things completely off plan.

Hungover from 2012

There are a number of reviews and such to be posted for products released last year, so forgive me if the blog seems to occasionally drift back into 2012, but I want to get these last things out of the way as quickly as possible.

I've still got quite a few things to get to, but that'll happen as it happens, as I don't want to push the current posts out of the way in favour of older content. I did get the DreadBall teams reviewed though, so that's a fairly big topic covered.

Overall I'm fairly happy with progress this month, making 5 out of the 8 ish goals and sub goals.

I'd be cross about the Malifaux painting if it was about simply not getting it done rather than having a painting related crisis of confidence. I'm glad I spent time painting the zombies, as there was no pressure, and a change to experiment.

The bases are an issue, both for Malifaux and Infinity, and I think I probably need to push on with simply making my own. 

So, with moderate success it's time to rough out what I'm going to do next month.

Privateer Press 2013 Keynote

Privateer's 2013 Ketnote is being broadcast at 3pm GMT on Feb 1st.

This has now been and gone, and you can watch the videos released over on Privateer's site.

Death From The Skies Cover

Via Faeit 212

Might be real, might be a hoax, but why chose that hideous, implausible bloody machine for the cover art. A Droppod is more aerodynamic.

No Quarter 44 - Sept/Oct 2012

Before I begin this review, I must first say a big thank you to David at Valiant Wargmes for sending me a copy to review. While the store doesn't stock No Quarter there is a wide range of systems represented, so go check them out.

A bit of an introduction is probably needed as well. No Quarter is Privateer Press' magaizine, and covers Warmachine, Hordes, and more recently (starting with the issue above in fact), the Iron Kingdom RPG as well as PP's other games.  Released every two months, and numbering just shy of 100 pages the magazine is more akin to Ravage than White Dwarf in size.Talking of Ravage, No Quarter runs on the alternate month, so I'll be alternating the reviews between the two each month.

A quick word about digital content and the like, before we hit the review proper. You'll note in the picture above a plus symbol in the bottom right hand corner. If you head to Privateer's Issue page, you'll see that this appears from Issue 32 (Sept 2010) onwards. It indicated digital content is available, in the form of No Quarter Plus. This means that there is a pdf online which accompanies the issue, either showing extracts, or with extra content, such as photo coverage there isn't space for in the print magazine. Privateer Press are planning a true digital version of No Quarter, their rule books, and the likes in the future, detail of which can be found here. Should you wish to get hold of No Quarter, in the meantime there's the option for both US and International Subscriptions, or you could buy it from your independent hobby shop of choice.

So then the review. In the interests of giving you the full experience, here's the page for Issue 44 on Privateer's website, with a link to the relevant issue of No Quarter Plus. I'll mention it as we go. As this is the first review I'll be getting fairly detailed.

Dredd 3D Props Up For Auction

Head over to ebay, to get your hands on some the costumes and equipment, from Judge costumes, to Slo-Mo vials. Probably going to want deep pockets though.

Via ECBT2000AD

The Hobbit - Musings

I'm not sure how good a barometer the pool of websites that I read is of the general gaming mood. Certainly at times they seem to speak with one voice (the Dark Angels launch, and the Chaos Warrior leak being the most obvious recent examples), and I like to think I know what's in the wind to a degree. So, assuming the above isn't totally off base (if there's a site you think I should be following then say so in the comments, you ought to be able to see those I am already following below on the right) it would seem there is very little talk of the Hobbit. I can think of two, maybe three posts I've seen about it recently, and they were mainly painting focused. No one seems to be discussing the rules and the like, or building a new force. I think I've seen more posts on Sedition Wars, which is drawing from the fairly small pool of Kickstarter buyers.

Pulling an example out of a broader gaming world, the front page of Dakka Dakka hasn't seen a LotR model appear on it for a while, that I've seen, even stolen for part of a conversion.

I'm aware I'm stepping around the specific LotR/Hobbit gaming pages, but that is part of the point.
Moving away from the virtual, I was in the Games Workshop on Oxford Street, and while there was a table with the Hobbit/LotR  models set out (interestingly on a split board, one assumes to take up less space in store), and it was getting absolutely no attention.

The point I'm slowly making is that for all that the game has only been out slightly longer than two months, it already seems to have disappeared. I've yet to see February's White Dwarf, but January's edition lacked any stand alone articles for the Hobbit, despite the new releases. The Escape From Goblin Town boxed set is still available as a Limited Edition from the online store, unlike the 40K boxed set, and LE Codices, that disappeared very quickly. The Warriors of Chaos release was very much prioritised over the Hobbit releases, despite the Advance Orders going live on the same day.

It's going to be interesting to watch the rise and fall of the game's marketing and the communities take up over the next two odd years, because at the moment I say it's in a slump, and likely to stay that way until the next film at the very least. I wonder if we'll see an article in the middle of the year with a run down of the interaction between the Hobbit rules and the old LotR books.

And to throw it open to the comments, what Hobbit/LotR gaming have you seen? Has it already flatlined?

White Dwarf and Ravage Page

If you look up, you'll see I've added a specific review page to the blog. I've got a number of similar pages on various topics to add, to make navigation a bit easier, as the label list is getting somewhat huge, so expect a few more things to appear in the top bar in the next few weeks. Any comments on what you'd like to see or the layout would be most welcome.

Infinity - January 2013 Releases

Another month another selection of great new releases from Corvus Belli.

Celestial Guard Hacker

This model is crying out for an acrylic hologram to look at. The only other issue I have is that the poses means something has to go under his left foot, which will be a fiddle if you need to swap the rock out for something that suits your baseing style.

Wildcat with Heavy Rocket Launcher 

Fully armoured female model? Tick. Substantial looking Rocket Launcher? Tick. Rubbery left elbow joint? Tick. I hope it's just the angle of the the photo, because otherwise this is a great model.

ALEPH Support Pack

Another combined package of the type Corvus are releasing for each Faction in the game. The Sophtect is a model that does very little for me, and while they fit with the aesthetics of the robots in the Faction the back packs of the Yudbots look incongruous.  There's little to say about the Netrods, apart from that they look prone to bending or breakages.

Gao-Rael Unit

The Tohaa models are really pushing the boat out with each release (the only disappointing model so far having been the Diplomat. The pose is nice, and the detail looks fantastic.


Lastly we have the Biscards. First thing to note is the look of the unit feels oddly dated. A mix of the closed up poses, style and paint scheme reminds me of old GW models. Possibly I'm judging harshly. The mix of weapons is also odd, with three rifles and an assault pistol. I get the feeling one model isn't going to see much action.

Overall a good month, with only the bigger box sets letting things down. I think the hacker is the model of the month for me, with the Gao-Rael a close second.

Sunday Photo Page - 27.01.2013

I've got very little to show this week, having had most of my hobby time consumed by Sedition Wars. There has been a little bit of painting, which tips a nod to one of the reviews coming next week.

Talking of next week I'll also be reviewing No Quarter, which I'm looking forward to. The copy below was provided through Valiant Wargames, for which I'm sincerely grateful.

From The Æther - 26.01.2013

It's another smorgasbord of links today, from conversions to paintings,   to interviews. Enjoy.

Standard Template Construction - Abdrubael Vect, gets the transport he deserves.


David Taylor  continues his bloody amazing work of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with this bizarre creation.


Pins Of War - Interview with David Annandale from the Black Library

Pingo's Project Blog has a good tutorial on painting Power Weapons, without the usual airbrush technique., but leading to a similar finish.

2013-01-21 17.18.43

There's a whole shower of useful links from Dark Future Games.

Bell Of Lost Souls' Brandon walks us through making Mk V Power Armoured Legs


Mengel Miniatures shows off some gorgeously painted Cultists


Talking of Cultists, Standard Template Construction discusses getting rid of their ranged weapons.

The Hobbit - January Advance Orders

These seem to have arrived with very little fanfare.

Grim Hammers - £20

12 models strong, and on a single sprue this is a very basic plastic kit without options. What you see is pretty much what you get.

Knights Of Rivendell - £30
 With a couple of options, and a casualty model this set still seems to come in below its price point. I'm also unsure about the cloaks, as these seem a bit excessive.

Goblin King - £25
 I've no idea why you'd buy this model over the boxed game.

Radagast The Brown - £12
Another very nice rendering of the wizard, and Sebastian, but again, with the  LE boxed game still available there's no reason to buy him.

Elrond - £25
 It's a shame he looks nothing like Hugo Weaving.

Yazneg - £25

Everything about this model seems good apart from the pose. The body seems too twisted round, and the arms are just oddly hanging. It almost seems that that mounted model simply had feet sculpted onto it rather than starting from scratch. 

Warriors Of Chaos Advance Order

The Warriors Of Chaos are here, and so is another price jump it would seem.

There are the usual bundle sets which offer no savings, so I'll ignore those, but here are releases

Warriors Of Chaos Army Book - £30

 Interestingly there isn't a limited edition version of the book, as we've seen for the 40K Codices.

Warhammer Battle Magic: Warriors of Chaos - £6.50

 A "While Stocks Last" releases, these always seem to sell out fairly quickly.

Slaughterbrute / Mutalith Vortex Beast - £50

£50! £50. It's on a 50x100 base, so it's not small, and comes with an abundance of parts, but still it seems pricey. 

Dragon Ogres - £35

While I like the look of the models, they really do need rock, of a pile of bodies of clamber over, as they look strange with their front legs in the air.

Chaos Chariot - £25

This kit seems reasonably priced considering its size and the number of options available. As well as the two options shown above it comes with a spare 25mm base and the suggestion of using the kit to make a plastic Chaos Lord. Sadly he seems a shift away from the aethetic of the usual Chaos Warriors, and seems to have stolen Spawn's cloak. 

Forsaken - £30

At £30 for 10 models this kit needs to do a lot to justify its price tag. It certainly comes with enough parts, and the mutations do look great. Annoyingly, thanks to the way they were sculpted, mixing these parts with the standard Warriors of Chaos kit would require a huge amount of cutting. That said, given the price I suspect we'll be seeing these models used to add to other units/conversions in Fnantasy or 40K rather than used in their own right.

Sedition Wars - Battle For Alabaster - Biohazard, Opticamo & Glow In The Dark

This is the last of the Sedition Wars reviews I'll be doing, that focuses on the boxed content. I'll be going over rules/game play at some point anon though. Below is a fairly short summation of some of the extras that were available through the Kickstarter campaign.


I quite like the finish on these, but there's little else to be said about them.

Vangaurd Patch

 Not sure what use I'll put this to.

Strain Extras

More twisted meat for the grinder.


More fresh bodies to infect.

Lights Out

Glow in the dark Strain.  They're the same sort of stuff glow in the dark stars and the like are made out of. I quite like them, purely because they won't need paint. Not sure what glue to use on them though.

Optical Camo 

These are bloody cool models, and I'll be using them with the flimsiest of excuses. If you get chance to pick these up, do so, although how many and where they'll be available (cons etc) who knows.

And that's it. I should have a Limited Edition Kara on the way as well, and I'll add here in here.

Games & Gears Pro Brush Kickstarter

Games & Gears have launched another Kickstarter, and it's doing incredibly well. Go give it a look.

Mephiston: Lord Of Deatrh Avaliable for Order

The Black Library are releasing Mephiston: Lord of Death for seven days starting today.

Sedition Wars - Battle For Alabaster - Strain

Welcome to the second half on my review of the models in Sedition Wars Battle For Alabaster. The first half focused on the Vangaurd, and this post will look at the Strain

As before, where Studios McVey have put up an assembly guide I'll be linking to that in the model heading.

The same caveats as before are in place, namely:

"CoolMiniOrNot have gone to pains to point out that they will replace any missing or damaged parts. The details for this service can be found on this Kickstarter Update.

I've not used any bases below, nor cleaned the models any more than needs be for them to fit together temporarily (hence the blu-tak). This is mainly because there are thing I want to consider with the models that would have delayed this post if I'd enacted them.

All the models come pre cut, with very little of the sprue remaining attached. This does make assembly faster, but also means there is a risk of losing a piece."

Let's begin. 


There are three model types for the Revenats. Two of these are single piece models, needing only to be attached to the base.

The third is split at the torso, and needs assembly. The joint has a small square section that needs to key into place with corresponding space on the legs. This leads to the model being more twisted around than you'd expect looking at the separate parts. 

as can be seen above the main issue with these models will be cleaning away the sprue vents. The mould lines also need clearing, but disappear into the detail more, which means care must be taken not to remove that along with them.

Talking of detail the models really do evoke of sense of horror, and I expect we'll be seeing them used in other games for technozombie stand ins. 


The Stalkers are again single piece models, and there is little to say that hasn't been covered above.


A really solid single piece model, there's an impressive amount of plastic used in each of these. The body horror really gets pushed here, and they're going to be a joy to paint.

Dredd #1 On DVD and Blu-Ray - Broadcast Signal Intrusion

I'm a little late to the party on this, but thought I'd post it anyway.

So that's cool. Hopefully it does well, and we'll see a sequel. I really enjoyed it, and it sits up in my top 3 films of 2012. My review can be found here.

Via Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Ultramarines Comes to DVD

Ultramarines is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on general release, apparently. Which seems a fairly jerky and hodgepodge release schedule all things considered, as it's been about for a while, for download and the like. It's not a brilliant film by anyone's yard stick, possibly worth a watch for curiosities sake, but not for any other reason.

Via iO9 of all places, which means the comments make for interesting reading, and GW's getting some exposure to the wider world.

Warmill Near 250 Orders - Competiton Time

I'll leave it to Warmill to explain...

"We're only 7 orders away from hitting 250 orders since we started the webstore, so to add a little spice to the mix we're offering to double up whatever customer 250 orders absolutely free. It doesn't matter if it's a pack of bases or 1 of everything we offer, if you're customer 250 you get 2 of everything you ordered!"

So what are you waiting for, head over to their store, and cross your fingers.