24 Hour Warning - Kingdom Death

The Kingdom Death Kickstarter is coming to an end. It's gotten quiet sprawling, and it's worth checking out this page for a simplified run down.


  1. You, Sir, are a bad man. Waving shiny things in front of me just when I have Christmas money to consider spending...

    1. Well yes, we knew that already. The game does look very good, although I'm not a fan of the pin ups. Don't forget about Through The Breach though.

    2. No, the pin-ups have always seemed a bit much. The stuff for the game seems for the most part to be slightly less full of naked people.
      I opted for the Survivor level, as it seemed a little bit daft not to (with all the extras thrown in on top of it all) - just need to wait until November now. I'll probably forget by then and it will make a pleasant early Christmas present to my future self.

    3. The game does look both interestingly mechanically, and not be quite so heavy on the t&a.

      The Survivor level did seem too full of extras to ignore, especially given how model intensive the survivor equipment mechanic seemed to be.

      I've got quite a few things that I keep remembering then forgetting I have ordered through KS. End of this year should see some nice things arrive for future me.


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