A Plan For January 2013

You can't say I didn't warn you that this sort of post would be back. Expect a plan and reflection post topping and tailing each month from now on. I'm going to start the new year fairly easily, and see how things go.


I want to get one crew based and painted this month. As things stand I think this will be Sonnia Criid's box set, with it's grand total of five models. I'll be using the herringbone bases I tested out here, so they'll be refinements to those to do as well, and the issue of how to attach models to bases although I have a cunning plan.


I have some old models, both from my own collection, and from eBay, that need the paint removing from them. My old standby for doing so was brake fluid, but that's evil stuff, so I'll be trying the internet recommended Simple Green, or, as I'm in the UK, Dettol. I'll be chronicling my (mis)adventures, and we'll see if I have any models left by the month's end.


I have the models and I just need to get them set up for painting, as they languished half done for a while now. This means finding a better way to attach the small parts to painting stands, and starting a hunt for bases suited to the models.


I need to take stock of what Khador models I have, and see what needs to be added to round out a starting force. I want to say it's just a Mortar and a Unit Attachment, but I need to make sure before I order anything.


Fingers crossed, the Sedition Wars box will be arriving this month, and that will no doubt steal a few nights. I've no plans to paint it until the later shipment arrives, along with a DVD paint guide from Mike McVey.

Hungover from 2012

There are a number of reviews and such to be posted for products released last year, so forgive me if the blog seems to occasionally drift back into 2012, but I want to get these last things out of the way as quickly as possible.

And that I think will do. There's a good number of hobby  items on there, as well as a few necessary jobs, and things that will create useful blog content. We'll see what can be ticked off as complete in 29 day's time.