Blowing The Whistle On The Britanan All Stars

Tor Gaming's Kickstarter for the Britanan All Stars (a team for their in-development fantasy football game Relics:AL), has not been doing very well, with 38 backers, and only £1,083 of the £5,500 goal funded.

EDIT Pt 2 of this tale can be found here.

There most recent update points to it being time to let this Kickstarter go. Here's what Tor have to say.
"We have found a rather interesting barrier to being on Kickstarter, being forced to the GBP! On a daily basis I get messages from people in the US saying they love the models but won’t be pledging because it’s in GBP and they don’t want to have to check exchange rates etc...

I am pretty much ready to call it a day already on this as it’s obvious it won’t go anywhere and we can move on to other projects...

We need to concentrate on what is likely to be a success and Kickstarter, with it's insistence that we use GBP is just not happening. We are building a project on IndieGoGo very soon for those that play Relics (or those that want to get into it!) to enable us to sculpt up more models and give us more future releases in hand to help with planning a proper release schedule. A good chance to get models before they are released!

Whilst IndieGoGo has limitations on how pledges are handled, we feel the ability to use USD on it means it much more of a viable platform for us."
I have to wonder if the timing, both over the holidays, and just after the DreadBall Kickstarter, has affected the funding as well. I'd also question if drip feeding out the teams and rules had an impact, with people waiting to see the other possibilities.

The Kickstarter isn't down yet, so things might turn around. Hopefully Tor will take from this what they can and their next project will see them succeed.


  1. I hope it is a success, the rules are an interesting take on fantasy sports, and the models look good.

    I'd be in for a nuem team as im a big fan of them in relics.

    1. I think if we'd been able to see, at least, concept art, and been able to pledge for other teams, even with a delay, things might have gone better.

  2. Hmm

    Currency in itself hasn't stopped Elite Dangerous from knocking it out of the ball park right away.

    And Rick Priestly's Gates of Antares isn't doing too bad either.

    1. It does seem to be an odd thing to blame. There would seem to be other issues to be addressed before currency.

      Somehow I'd not seen Elite Division, that might well get a bit of money from me before it ends.

  3. That's a weird problem, the rest of the world has to deal with exchange rates whenever they back Kickstarters (my bank even charges me for the privilege), why can't Americans?

    Although I haven't backed this either, so I'm partially to blame too.

    1. True, but then the Americans backers of Kickstarters also have the bonus of free shipping, and (I imagine) the biggest market, so you need to cater to their expectations. That's fairly flimsy reasoning though, and currency doesn't seem the most obvious issue to seize upon.

  4. I'm a bit confused by why this is a problem also. I didn't hear the same from the EU backers of either Sedition Wars or Dreadball; both Kickstarters run prior to the UK launch so were in US Dollars. Mostly the issues with those Kickstarters was the additional shipping cost for EU backers, but that didn't deter them from being a success.

    I really don't see this as a Kickstarter barrier. Like has been said, the rest of the world seems to manage.

    Bit of a shame really.

    1. It's something to be considered by Kickstarters that are going to need every backer they can get, but it's going to be a none issue for many. The further updates posted move past addressing just the problem.

      That said the rest of the world does seem to have had a rough deal next to America, but we coped.

      Hopefully we'll see another more successful Kickstarter for the game in the future.


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