Blowing The Whistle On The Britanan All Stars - Pt 2

Sorry to those of you who aren't interested in this, but to me, it's an interesting look behind the scenes of a miniature gaming Kickstarter.

My first post relating to this is here, and while not require reading, does set the scene for Tor Gaming's latest update.
"The conclusion I have come too is that it's a multilayer issue that is holding us back that includes:
  • GBP: This turns out to not be as massive an impact as the emails initially made me think. It is still a barrier, but as Impact mentions in a comment on my previous update, a lot of those that were put off by the GBP said they would consider it more likely to pledge if we listed an estimated USD value. <tips hat to Impact> 
  • Shipping: Many of them have said that they are not use to shipping being charged. This is a case of being spoilt by KS being US only for so long as KS says no shipping for domestic.  
  • Non-Amazon payment system: It appears the payment system that KS have put into place for UK projects is just clunky and confuses people - I can't say if this is true as I have never used it but apparently it is.... Who really knows but I can understand the annoyance of it if you have an amazon account set up and could pay with a few clicks which brings me to.... 
  • Too Lazy! Yes, that's right. It appears that there are some that are just too lazy to enter their card details (their words not mine!)."
Which is all very true, as far as it goes. So what does that mean for the Kickstarter?
" it stands the project is not going to work so I will be stopping it soon. I will, however, be re-designing it and launching it again with the following ideas:
  • More choice in your reward: Instead of creating pre-defined teams, I will have it so the model falls into a cost band and you can pledge what you like and pick models up to that value to build you team how you want. for example, the current team models will all be cost band 1, which for the sake of an example we will say is £2 (~$3.25) per model. If you pledged £26 (~$42) then you would be able to pick 13 models of you choice. If you wanted 13 linemen, you could!
  • Not restrict choices to blister pack contents: You will not have to take three guards, or three lineman etc. If you want to have two of something, you can. We will not be able to guarantee specific sculpts but we will keep duplications down to a minimum.
  • Free Shipping for the EU
  • Reduce the shipping for the ROW to £5 (~$8)
  • Reduce initial target. I'm going to see just how much I can shave of the initial target to lower that barrier and make it more obtainable.
  • Look at being able to take payments outside of KS. This may require a paypal pledge page on our website. All I need to do is figure out how to add them to the pledge total on KS so it all goes towards the target. A credit card the system doesn't know is mine perhaps...."
 These changes do seem to address a number of issues with the Kickstarter, but I still think a big help would be running a single Kickstater to cover all the teams that Tor intend to produce. These change might do the jon for this campaign, but there is still another three (Vaettir, Orcnar, and Nuem) to go, which could face their own issues over getting funded, and leave a less popular faction with fewer models than those that gain serious backing and break stretch goals.