Chaos Warriors Febuary Leak

Well this is unexpected. After months of running a fairly tight ship regarding leaks, it would seem that pictures of next month's releases are out in the wild.

These pictures seem to be circulating around a fair bit of the web. My sources are as follows; Dice and Brush, Spikey Bits, Pins Of War, and Faeit 212. It certainly looks like a release you'll want to save up for...

Army Book Cover - This tiny picture is all we have so far. 

Price List

Onto the models.


That head looks fantastic. I imagine it's a double kit with...

Mutalith Vortex Beast

Just look at those tentacles.  I suspect we're going to see those and the vortex turn up on a lot of conversions, be it models or terrain.Hopefully we'll see rules for using these models in 40K in some form as well.

Dragon Ogres

Ah the Dark Gods answer your prayers. These are looking like a great update to the very old looking metal models.

 Throgg the Troll King

He looks suitably meanacing, and I really like the subtle mutations.

Chaos Lord

I'm unsure about this model. He seems a bit of a step away from the current Chaos aesthetic. A better picture might change my mind though.


That's more like it, with a pleasing mix of old school nods and newer styling. 


Of all the kits it is this one that looks to have the most conversion potential. I think it is going to sit at the top of my wish list. 


Gorebeast Chariot

Another old metal that's been brought up to date really well. I really like the wheels and the tusks on the chariot body. The Gorebeast looks a bit dopey though.

All in all a very promising set of releases. The only thing missing is a new set of Marauders, as they are going to look very dated indeed next to these models. Fingers crossed we'll see them down the line.

This really does put the Empire release in the shade doesn't it. 


  1. Warhammer has been on a trend of becoming more and more ridiculous and over the top. Everything is so bulky and huge. It is almost as if each new release needs something bigger than the last. Subtly has long been forgotten. I like the Tzeentch champion is probably my favorite amongst the group. Though, even he has more going on than I would have liked. The dragon ogres look good, but their feet look a little wonky.

    1. There does seem to be a big model added into every new Army Book or Codex at the moment. I think it's partly fuelled by the technology to make such things, and partly by the draw such large pieces have.

      It's a shame that the smaller models get sidelined, but there are still some very nice character models and the like coming out (such as the plastic Heroes).

      I shan't be passing proper judgement on the kits until we get proper pictures, but I agree about the Dragon Ogres. Unless they have some serious bulk to their back leg and tail they do look impractically front heavy. I almost looks like someone has taken away the rocks they were meant to be standing on.

    2. I agree that many of those plastic character models were great. In fact, I think some of them are the nicest models released for Fantasy in years. Brian Nelson, in my opinion, is the only designer that is making great models for Fantasy. And he was the one how sculpted all of the best of the character models (in my opinion). Brian Nelson made the Chaos cool again with the plastic Chaos Warriors kit which he sculpted a couple years ago (I guess that was more like 8 years ago now, he he).

    3. I don't keep up with who's sculpted what, and I really ought to. There are certainly noticeably differences in how different sculptors will tackle a model. You can always pick out a Jes Goodwin model for instance.

      The Chaos Warriors are a great kit (helped by replacing one of the oldest and worst of the original plastic regiment sets (making Orcs the oldest set, off the top of my head))and it's scary to think how long they've been out (June 2004, having just looked at White Dwarf), and how much use they get in conversions.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I still think of those Chaos Warriors as the "new Chaos Warriors." And they certainly aren't new anymore. I think the old Chaos Warriors kit was GW's first plastic multipart kit. Boy were they wonky and dumb looking (though, I think because of that they had some charm).

      Brian Nelson and Jes Goodwin are far and above the best sculptors GW has working for them. Nelson largely works on Fantasy stuff now, though he did a lot of great stuff for 40k (namely making the Orks neat).

      All in all, this new Chaos stuff looks alright. The chariot is pretty neat, but the guy with the whip looks like he has muscles that don't exist. I wish the riders looked like more like Nelson's more subtle and menacing Chaos Warriors (actually looking into it, the warriors were a collaboration between Nelson and Goodwin; could not ask for a better pair).

    6. The "new model" thing is something I'm guilty of as well. It's often quite shocking looking back and seeing how long ago some things were released (it is never ever just a few years back). The evolution of GW's plastic kits is a bit weird, as the original Rogue Trader Space Marines were multi-part (separate head, body, legs, arms and weapons), which were then replaced by the one or two piece plastic kits. before we saw the Chaos Warriors return to the true multi-part style of set.

      I think Juan Diaz is up there as well. It's undeniable that Brian Nelson's Orks are fantastic, even down to the Grots.

      The axe of the Chariot rider is ridiculous, and I'm not sure about the expanses of blank metal on the steeds or the body work. It could be the paint job, then again, I think part of me wants it to be covered in spikes.

    7. Yeah, you are right about the plastic Rogue Trader marines, I had forgotten about them (perhaps because I only started playing 40k towards the end of the 2nd edition). But, I think the Chaos Warriors were GW's triumphant return to the form (maybe not triumphant, as the models left a little to be desired).

      Juan Diaz is one of GW's better sculptors, but I feel that he is a little hit or miss. He has a number of excellent models (Emperor's Champion, Cadian Kasrkin, Lilith (the one to replace Goodwin's version, which was also good), the older bare-breasted demonettes, along with their counterparts on the steeds (which are a lot more dynamic than the current plastic ones)). I think the proportions on his marines are often a little off (skinny legs, etc.).

      Again, I have been warming up to a bunch of this Chaos stuff. I like that the chariot has some areas of large open metal. I think that sometimes models suffer from the sculptors adding extra detail just for the sake of detail. I kind of feel that the horns on the bottom of the chassis are a little too big (where did they come from?).

      Sorry about the earlier deleted comment. I had posted something and realized I had a ton of spelling mistakes, so I removed it and posted it again (it is worth reading through your comments before posting them. He he).

    8. Now that I think about it, the older Lilith was done by Chris Fitzpatrick, during his short tenure with GW.

    9. The Chaos Warriors were the proper start of it all, and it's surprising what kits are still in that first iteration (Somewhere is a draft blog post on the subject that needs finishing) Orcs and Dark Elves spring to mind as in need to redoing, but the Zombies kit that was released at the same time has aged well (Dark Elves need a whole host of plastic kits, but that's a whole different topic).

      I thing the only miniatures you're missing from that list (that jump to mind with a google search anyway) are the new Krell, and Festus which are fantastic models. The old demonettes were gorgeous, and superior to the current plastics. It's a shame GW can't keep both in print (I'm surprised they didn't make one a Fantasy kit, and one a 40k kit). He Space Marines seem to have their legs too close together (see Seth and Lemartes, and this month, Belial) and this throws the pose off. That said he knocked Njal Stormcaller out of the park.

      Good correction on Lilith, and not one I've have spotted.

      The bare metal on the Chaos Chariot just strikes me as out of pace with the other chaos models, but then it's better to be able to add something to a blank canvas than have to remove what's there before you can start. The horns do seem odd, and more likely to wound the steeds than the enemy.

      Don't worry about the deleted comment. I know the blog has its share of spelling mistakes.

  2. Looks like there will be a lot of interesting stuff with this new release.

    Vilitch and Throgg the Troll King are probably my favorites. Vilitch really brings back memories of the first plastic Chaos warriors (which had a certain charm despite being rather stupid looking, ha ha). Throgg is probably the nicest looking troll GW has released. He is really sensible and exudes a subtle wickedness (particularly when compared to the current chaos trolls... ugh...).

    Alex Hedström is another sculptor that has really improved the Warhammer line. He made a lot of the nice Wood Elf plastics and character models. He made the Chaos Dragon Ogre Shaggoth and some of the nice beastmen stuff.

    Brian Nelson is GWs most talented sculptor followed closely by Jes Goodwin. In GW's first Citadel Hall of Fame nomination, Goodwin chose one of Nelson's Cadian Commander models and stated the Brian Nelson is the most talented sculptor in the world (which I would agree with). Nelson always manages to take the concepts for each model/unit and bring his own unique and interesting interpretation of it. He also has a great sense of how to pose models and when not to add detail to a model just for details sake.

    1. Vilitch does seem to have struck a nice balance between the current look, and the much older mutation heavy models. Throgg is going to need some new Trolls to accompany him, as he's going to look very out of place in the current unit. There's not even good trolls to use for the basis of conversions (the River Trolls, while fantastic models are too squat).

      I wish I had the Shaggoth in my collection, it's a beast of a model. Shame it's Finecast now.

      I can only agree about Brian Nelson, the only model of his I'm not sure about (and need to see in the flesh) is the new plastic Griffon (in this month's Citadel Hall Of Fame in fact), as its feathers edge too much towards an almost comic book style, being individually defined, but lacking detail, rather than the usual approach seen on other models.


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