Dark Angels Errata

It seems fairly ridiculous to me that the above should be released less than a week after the launch of the codex. For something that people have paid £35 for (or more if you've got the Limited Edition) the lack of quality control it shows is fairly shocking. I wonder what the response would be if you returned a copy on the grounds of being riddled with errors.

Bell Of Lost Souls makes a point of talking about the number of typos in the body of the book in addition to the issues corrected above.

It's almost enough to make me wait for a 2nd, corrected edition, if only such things existed. There was a site that produced the erratas as printed labels to be stuck into your rulebook or codex, in order to at least have a correct copy as one document. If anyone happens to know what their web address is I'd be grateful. 

Those of you wishing to see this errata and the others which have been updated should head to GW's Shrine Of Knowledge.


  1. Yeah, this is pretty pathetic. I am excitedly awaiting a copy (ordered it online), but can't believe that I can't even make a list from it without fearing I got point values wrong. I think their digital versions could be nice, in that they update all that stuff. But this requires an ipad and buying the codex a second time at full price, neither of which I have any mind to do. They should give you a code with each book for a free copy of the digital version...

    1. There really needs to be a better system for these sorts of correction rather than just the online FAQs. Considering the price paid, and now the digital editions, there ought to be better follow through for those of us buying the print version.


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