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I'm running a little late with this. I'm not far behind that the Limited Edition Codex has sold out though. The Chaos one went very quickly. I wonder if that's an indicator of a high price point, popularity or overprinting.

There have been three videos released accompanying the Advanced Order announcement and I'll slot them in where appropriate.GW have released bundle sets, but seeing as they're only for the advance order and offer no saving I'll leave them unmentioned.

Anyone wanting my opinion on the kits read on, anyone wanting to view them without my contribution then the order page awaits. Anyone not bothered, don't click the read more.

The video gives a preview of the character models, and in the second half, the Codex is shown.

Codex: Dark Angels Limited Edition - £55

It will no doubt be a very nice product.
"It contains black edging, a black bookmark, a cloth-finish underneath the dust-jacket on which "Never Forget" and "Never Forgive" is inscribed. The jacket itself contains the full artwork on the front, while on the back it has a matt-finish on which names of the Fallen are written - with certain names marked as captured..."
Codex: Dark Angels - £30
At 104 pages the book looks as though it lives up to the high standards of the previous hardback Codices and Army Books that have proceeded it. Certainly visually it looks good, although what the content and the army will be like only time will tell.

Belial - £15

I'm not a fan of this model. The pose is too static, with no sense of purpose to the arms, and the legs too close together. The detailing doesn't make him stand out from the Deathwing Knights, the lack of detail on the back of the cloak is disappointing, and why is the chapter symbol on his belt out of line? I do like his sword tip though.

Asmodai - £11

 I think I'm going to have to go back on my original opinion of this model and lean towards liking it. He looks particularly good front on.

I like the backpack detail, the facemask (mostly), and the Crozius. Best of all though is the Blade Of Reason on his belt. I'm not  sure about the robes though. The style is a bit too reminiscent of the Mechanicum, with the bib, and the purity seals seem out of place. At least it's an issue easily solved.

It's still not a patch on the old artwork for him though.

 And the original miniature (now discontinued thanks to the new kid on the block) still has its charms.

Dark Angels Standard Bearer - £15

For the price, and the hassle of being direct order only, this model should be much better. The pose is the same as we've been seeing for years with standard bearers, with the chainsword held across the body doing little to alter that. The other arm is worse though, looking like a throwback to the 2nd ed Space Marines. The banner looks a disappointing compared to those we've seen in recent plastic sets. 

Sammael - £30

A Finecast re release, I can't imagine the material is suited to such a big model. It still looks damned good though. Interestingly White Dwarf has him listed as "Sammael (Corvus)" which suggests there may be a second version along at some point.

That's the Codex and Characters dealt with, onto the Deathwing

Deathwing Command Squad/Deathwing Knights - £35

This seems an expensive kit. Terminator kits, usually come in at around £28, even the Grey Knights and Wolf Guard kits with the plethora of options they contain (having 153 and 100 pieces respectively) come in at that price point.

The kit contains 102 parts, and it looks like a great kit, both for a DA player, and for what it adds to the bitz box. The Command Squad load out gives some nice pieces, from the halberd, to the underslung Heavy Plasma Cannon, and the more subtle Apothecary parts. The jury is still out on the studded codpiece though. The detail of the standard is cast on, and looks a lot better than the Finecast Battle Standard model.

The Commander's pose is almost identical to the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord, but I like the echoing.

 The Deathwing Knights are the real stars of the show here though. The tabards and hoods give them a real sense of personality, along with their unique weaponry it makes them stand out. I really like the change to the sensor units, as it's little touches like that that really add depth to the model. I'm not sure about the armured belts over the robes, but it works for the most part.

I think the best inclusion in the set is the Watcher, as it's great to see one on the tabletop away from Azrael. 

I can't wait to see what the community do with the kits. Even just mixing parts within the two halves of the set together promises some good results, let along when other kits enter the equation. I suspect they be more than a few Word Bearer players picking up a set of these.

And now, the Ravenwing, with the lion's share of the kits.

Dark Talon/Nephilim Jetfigher - £45

 The Dark Talon is the more ornate of the two crafts that can be made out of the kit, while the Nephilim Jetfighter (below) is more business like. It's just a shame the pilot seems to be "worshipping Slannesh".

Pilot shenanigans aside, I really like the look of this kit, and it's the only Space Marine flyer that doesn't look like it'd drop right out of the air. I suspect we'll be seeing this kit rather a lot be it standing in for other Marine flyers, looted by Orks, or corrupted by Chaos. The wing details are part of the casting, as is a fair bit of Dark Angel and Ravenwing iconography, which is going to be a bit of work, but it'd be worth it. At the moment (i.e. just looking at the sprues and finished models) it's hard to tell if you could make one model do duty as both types of fighter with magnets, but as the community keep proving, anything is possible.

Land Speeder Vengeance/Ravenwing Darkshroud £40.

 The model just doesn't work for me. There are too many competing aesthetics, and the size just looks wrong. Worst of all is the inexplicable stained glass window.
Even the Darkshroud's attempt to up the gothic feel of the vehicle doesn't work.

I can see the pulpit being used, as in and of itself it's a really cool feature, but not stuck on the front of this model.

Ravenwing Command Squad/Ravenwing Black Knights - £30

This kit looks bloody fantastic. Just take your time to soak in all the little details; the standard bearers bionic arm for instance. It's the one kit were I thought including a picture of one of the sprues was worthwhile. Look at huge maul they've included. The only thing missing is parts for a Chaplain, and that'd be an easy conversion. 

And there we have it. The strength of this release is definitely in the plastic kits. The Landspeeder variant is horrible, but apart from that it's an incredibly tough call between the sets. Personally it's the Ravenwing Command Squad that really does it for me, but I think top release of the month has to go to the Deathwing Command set, purely based on how useful the parts will be.


  1. Two places I feel GW failed in this release (and release day may change that) is no plastic shoulder pads outside of the DA Upgrade kit, and no new Ezekiel. I love the old guy, but EVERYONE has him.

    1. Two good points. The new kits do leave the rank and file Space Marines out in the cold a bit. I suspect the two characters from Dark Vengeance are considered to fill the holes for power armored Captain and Librarian, but more variety is always good.

      It's a real shame not to have seen the standard SM Bike and Attack Bike brought up to date with this release. Hopefully someone will use the Darkshroud pulpit as the basis for a sidecar.


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