Death From The Skies Cover

Via Faeit 212

Might be real, might be a hoax, but why chose that hideous, implausible bloody machine for the cover art. A Droppod is more aerodynamic.


  1. Yes, that ship design is terrible. Now, I understand that 40k was never something that was grounded in realism, but could they have not made it look somewhat aerodynamic? I like to imagine that GW never actually released the model. I have so much written it off to the extent that I can't even remember what they are called. Just string some generic, "cool" sounding words together and you go it. Storm falcon? Raven? Claw? Thunder Talon? Who knows?

    1. I'm all for a bit of dramatic licence, but this is taking it too far. The only thing those engines are going to do, as pictured is somersault it.

      If only we could forget all the bad models. I suppose it's a challenge, to see if it can be converted to look better. Certainly couldn't make it worse.

      It's when then run out of two word combinations and start using three that we need to worry.

    2. They simply can't make nice looking Space Marine vehicles anymore. Storm Raven? Terrible. Dark Angels new landspeeders even worse. Why don't they just take some of FW's nice fliers and make plastic molds?

    3. I like the new Nephilim, but everything else is pretty poor. Hopefully the rumoured flyers next month will give other races something to take to the air with that doesn't look like a box with engines bolted to it.


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