DreadBall - Corporation - Trontek 29ers

Welcome to the first of five DreadBall model reviews, taking a look at the human Corporation Team.

Containing 2 Guards, 4 Jacks and 4 Strikers,  the team gives a nice spread of models. All are either two or three part pieces, with the moulded on base plate.

Ah the base plate. It works ok, but the models are a little unstable. The larger Guard models especially due to being so top heavy. 


The Guards are two identical models. Bigger than their team mates they are nice substantial models. The arms are fitted easily into the sockets, with only one possible orientation.


The four Jacks have identical torsos, but get a choice of arms, from two identical sprues of four. Note that the socket is in the arm this time, it'll be important in a moment.

Before I move on to assembly I want to talk about the mould lines on the models.  While not huge they have a tendency to be awkwardly placed.  Take a look at the line on the thigh below. It'd be much easier if it followed the edge of the armour plate. This is compounded by the plastic used as the lines don't clean off as easily as with Citadel models.

Back to the arms. Below I've set up the models showing all the useful combinations. Personally I'm not happy with either of the top two.

As the models will be differentiated on the field by player numbers I've gone for making two pairs of identical models.


As with the Jacks there are four identical bodies and two copies of one set of four arms. To make it obvious which arm fits where the sockets are in the torso sections.

An issue with the Strikers that I hadn't noticed on the other models  in the set was some big tabs on their shoulders. While not a huge these were awkwardly placed, being right against some of the back detail.

The arms are much better for the Strikers than the Jacks, and I assembled one each of the possible combinations.

The Team & Conclusions

First a team photo, with a conspicuous extra for scale. The DreadBall models stick far more rigidly to their 28mm scale than Citadel miniatures, and a Space Marine looks suitably larger than they do.

And now from the back. The plates for displaying the team numbers are all placed nice and high, which should make reading them easier from a players perspective.

As models the armour detail is good, and the three player types shown are nicely distinctive. I'm not a fan of the helmet designs and some of the posing though. Hopefully the right colour scheme will change my mind on the helmets at least.

The set is sadly lacking on conversion options, beyond nonenonsensical arm swaps, or really cutting things up and re-sculpting parts.

The wobbly model syndrome is alleviated by the use of clear plastic bases, but that's a point for a further post. 

This post covers the models in the boxed game, with the stand alone team set (£14.99) having 2 Guards, 3 Jacks, and 3 Strikers (and the clear plastic bases).

In all honesty the team leaves me underwhelmed.


  1. Great review of human Corporation Team. I am building up the courage to start trimming and assembling mine. Currently I have been working on the Orx team (and the progress has been slow...). You pretty much hit the nail on the head will all of your concerns with the models. The mold lines on mine are pretty significant and as you saw, the strikers I got have that extra tap on their shoulders...

    1. I didn't find them too much of an issue, but that's without going through to get them ready to paint. I can see some of the hands being very tiresome to clean up.

      Good luck.


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