DreadBall - Forge Fathers - Midgard Delvers

Welcome to part 4 of 5 of my DreadBall model reviews.

With 4 Guards, 4 Jacks, and 2 Strikers the team has an interesting balance.

Of all the kits it has been the easiest to put together. The Guards and Strikers need hands attached to them, and these are taken from the two sprues provided, and differentiated by different styles of tab and socket. I deliberately cut all these off short when removing them from the sprue (using a knife, not clippers, so as not to deform the tab), which may well have made things a lot easier.


The Guards come in two parts, the solid torso, and the hand, which is a fairly ridiculous way to split them. Assembly was simply a question of picking the right hand type and gluing it on. 

The only issue was the sprue vent on the main body of the model as it attached under the foot.


The Jacks were also very easy to put together, once the hands were matched up. 

Both Guards and Strikers have mould line to be cleared than run pretty much straight across their shoulders, which although not large, are still going to require some careful cleaning.


The most complex of the models in this set the Strikers were still incredibly easy to put together, with all the parts going together very easily, without any trimming beyond taking off tabs. 

The Team & Conclusions

Of all the four team I like the Forge Fathers the most, both aesthetically (they just seem so solid (as in physically; I'm not name checking the band) and for ease of assembly.

As with the other teams, the stand alone set costs £14.99, and in this case includes, 3 Guards, 3 Strikers, and 2 Jacks.


  1. The team is coming along nicely! I am slowly trimming mine. They are certainly easy to assemble, which is a plus. Not sure, but I though the jacks were the pointing ones, and the guards the ones that need both fists?

    1. Thanks. I'm putting off the trimming for a bit.

      Pg 20-21 of the rules shows which Forge Father models are which. The Guards are pointing, while the Jacks have the more threatening pose, which does seem a bit counter intuitive. The Jacks also have the Forge Fathers version of the Glove on the back of their right hand, which will help when playing, but an opponent unfamiliar with the team is going to have issues.

    2. Ha ha, ok my mistake. The glove is a good point (since guards can't hold the ball). Have you played the game much yet? I played a few with the Forge Fathers and got utterly destroyed in both games. Their shorter movement and low speed (makes it really easy to steal the ball from them) makes it difficult for them. They are good at slamming, but most teams are just as good dodging, so it is difficult to inflict serious damage. Or that was my experience.


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