DreadBall - Veer-myn - Skittersneak Stealers

Welcome to part 3 of 5 of my review of the DreadBall models.

With 2 Guards and 8 Strikers the Veer-myn team makes for a surprisingly parts heavy kit.


There are two identical models for the guards, which come with separate tails and heads, unlike other models in the set.

The arms shown a nasty bit of flash around the fingers, and very prominent mould lines over the forearm. 

 The body and head suffer from having badly placed sprue vents.On the body it's on the shoulder guard, which isn't too tricky to clean up (again, note the mould lines).

On the head though the problem is much worse with the section to be trimmed right against the fur detail. 

Once things are cleaned up the models do go together nicely though. 

The only other issue I have is with the bases. As they're so big and have such a wide pose the bases have been extended. This has been done in possibly the most  horrible way possible. I'm half tempted to cut these free of the base entirely and but them straight onto one of the clear bases.


The eight Strikers are difficult to put together. Split at the leg as well as with separate arms, there are a lot of parts to consider. There are only two main bodies to make up, with variety coming in the from of two different right hand pieces.

Once again there some awkward cleaning to do, with the risk of taking out the locating tab on these arms while trimming the excess plastic off.

Then there's this one. Fair enough it'll be hidden when you add the leg, but it's still not an ideal place.

More bizarrely, considering how well the models have been cleaned up before being sent out, is the sprue left on some of the Strikers. Also note the heavy mould line.

Anther arm type that needs delicate trimming. 

I've jumped ahead to assembly here, as there were issues. The models on the left went together fairly easily, as to be honnest did the models on the right. The issue I has was balancing them. They hang so far over their bases that there is no way I could see to stop them toppling. With the bases not really allowing you to use the standard trick of gluing in a penny, I've blu-tacked them to the clear bases for now.

Beware when fitting in the legs, as you're going to put a bit of strain on the ankle attacked to the base. If the tab and socket don't fit, then trim them down rather than force them.

There are two types of right arm, so I've mixed them evenly amongst the two model types. The locating socket for these arms is elliptical which means you've got a choice of two positions, which really means, one, unless you want things to look daft.

Team & Conclusion

Finished, the team looks quite good, and the effort put in seems worth it. By far the most complex team to build, from cleaning to assembly, they've not wowed me.

Aesthetically I like the team, but they are held back by the annoying nature of their design. If anyone does find a way to balance them without bases I'd be interested.

The stand alone set contains 2 guards and 6 strikers for £14.99, and it's up to you if the hassle is worth it.


  1. You did a great job assembling these guys! They certainly are a rather frustrating kit. I was pretty shocked to see how poorly the guards were attached to their bases. In the rulebook they have a bigger circular base to solve this problem. I suppose it must have only been on the master or something, and when they put it into mass production, they switched to the smaller. Not very nice...

    1. Thanks. Still much tidying of mold lines to do. The kit is the worst of the four, and it's a shame about the base. Forge Fathers next, which thankfully were very easy.

  2. Wow, good work assembling those guys. A friend of mine has some of them and has only finished one or two of them thus far. My friend thinks he is going to cut the guards off their bases and simply glue them on the clear plastic bases (after filling in the center circular recess with plasti-card). Have you worked with any of the MVP players such as Slippery Joe or Reek Rolat? They look to be cast in a different material than the normal team members. Maybe they are easier to clean up than the plastic models?

    1. There's only blu tacked together for the moment, as they need a really good cleaning up, which I suspect will add hour to the process. I think that may be the best solution with the guards. You could probably rescue the base rather than use plati-card though.

      I've done the MVP's (going up tonight, although the camera has eaten the pictures - grrr) and I can't say that the plastic is any different sadly. At least the time spent is slightly more justified on a character model.

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    1. It is a shame to hear about the MVPs, I was hoping they would be a little easier to work with... Thus far, I have found that the easiest model to get tabletop ready was Wildcard who was cast in metal, ha ha. I still ended up pinning and doing some minor greenstuff work on her, but trimming off the mould-lines went much better than the plastics.

    2. A metal Wildcard? All mine are in plastic (through the Kickstarter).

      Well done for pinning her, my plastic version happily doesn't need that, but time saved there will be lost in the clean up.

  4. I ordered the boxed game from the Warstore. The game came with a metal version of Wildcard in a clam-shell package like the other MVPs. The paper insert with the picture of the model has a little red banner saying something like 'Free with game'. Overall, the model was cast really well. The mould-lines that were present came off easily. I don't think I really needed pin the model, but lately I have gotten in the habit of pinning almost everything...

    1. That is interesting. Mine MVP's came mixed together in a plastic bag, boxed with the game. Clearly a few different versions floating about.

      I've not pinned anything for a long while, and it's a habit I really ought to get back into. Just need to find some fine enough drills that don't snap.


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