From The Æther 05.01.2013

I almost called this Thon the Antares, before good sense took over.

In a bid to offer something other than Dark Angels this weekend I though I'd pull together two games that seem to be setting themselves up for a good 2013.

First off is Thon.

I first heard of the game a while ago, because of preview images posted on Tabletop Fix. Like many internet finds it got bookmarked and I moved on.

Well thngs are starting to stir. The Shell Case has two pieces on the emerging game, the first an intro piece, the second an interview.

There's the blog to look at as well as the official site. 

Second is Beyond The Gates Of Antares (and its Kickstarter Campaign).

Once again The Shell Case has a nice summary (worth reading the comment noting where the models are sourced from).

Bell Of Lost Souls has a two part interview with Rick Priestly about the game, and more general matters.

And that's it for now. The usual screen full of links and pictures will return next week.