From The Æther - 26.01.2013

It's another smorgasbord of links today, from conversions to paintings,   to interviews. Enjoy.

Standard Template Construction - Abdrubael Vect, gets the transport he deserves.


David Taylor  continues his bloody amazing work of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with this bizarre creation.


Pins Of War - Interview with David Annandale from the Black Library

Pingo's Project Blog has a good tutorial on painting Power Weapons, without the usual airbrush technique., but leading to a similar finish.

2013-01-21 17.18.43

There's a whole shower of useful links from Dark Future Games.

Bell Of Lost Souls' Brandon walks us through making Mk V Power Armoured Legs


Mengel Miniatures shows off some gorgeously painted Cultists


Talking of Cultists, Standard Template Construction discusses getting rid of their ranged weapons.