No Quarter 44 - Sept/Oct 2012

Before I begin this review, I must first say a big thank you to David at Valiant Wargmes for sending me a copy to review. While the store doesn't stock No Quarter there is a wide range of systems represented, so go check them out.

A bit of an introduction is probably needed as well. No Quarter is Privateer Press' magaizine, and covers Warmachine, Hordes, and more recently (starting with the issue above in fact), the Iron Kingdom RPG as well as PP's other games.  Released every two months, and numbering just shy of 100 pages the magazine is more akin to Ravage than White Dwarf in size.Talking of Ravage, No Quarter runs on the alternate month, so I'll be alternating the reviews between the two each month.

A quick word about digital content and the like, before we hit the review proper. You'll note in the picture above a plus symbol in the bottom right hand corner. If you head to Privateer's Issue page, you'll see that this appears from Issue 32 (Sept 2010) onwards. It indicated digital content is available, in the form of No Quarter Plus. This means that there is a pdf online which accompanies the issue, either showing extracts, or with extra content, such as photo coverage there isn't space for in the print magazine. Privateer Press are planning a true digital version of No Quarter, their rule books, and the likes in the future, detail of which can be found here. Should you wish to get hold of No Quarter, in the meantime there's the option for both US and International Subscriptions, or you could buy it from your independent hobby shop of choice.

So then the review. In the interests of giving you the full experience, here's the page for Issue 44 on Privateer's website, with a link to the relevant issue of No Quarter Plus. I'll mention it as we go. As this is the first review I'll be getting fairly detailed.

A nice cover image (coincidentally the cover of the Iron Kingdoms Core Rulebook) and a rundown of what to expect inside.                
Inside Front Cover         
Big subscription ad         
What you'd expect really, along with a full image of the cover art.            
See No Quarter Plus      
Table Of Contents          
Not a lot to say here especially when it's available for all to view.              
See No Quarter Plus      
This feels far too much like a sales pitch for my liking.     
See No Quarter Plus      
News from the Front    
Focusing on War Games Con 2012, two pages of nicely detailed reporting gives a flavour of the event as well as showing the winning  Master's list.   
New Releases  
A fairly minimalist run down of the new releases going over 4 pages and covering everything from two new Gargantuan's to the Iron Kingdoms Core book, Level 7 [Escape], and the Hordes Battle Box with single pictures. While I like the conservation of space, another page or two expanding on some of the items would be nice.     
Modeling & Painting- Iron Kingdoms Conversions: Gunfighters               
An exhaustive eight page guide to converting three models into unique characters for the IK RPG. There's a nice range of skill levels and techniques on show. The creation does rely heavily on the fact PP allows you to order individual parts. Which is a very nice facility to offer, although depending where you are, shipping may be a killer.          
Lock & Load GameFest 2012 Recap         
What it says in the title, pretty much, with an intro, a rundown of the tourny winners and interviews with the Masters Winner and  Grandmaster Painting winner. This is followed with 2 and a half pages showing the gold medal winners of the painting comp, with the silver and bronze winners being showcased over 14 pages in No Quarter Plus.  
Privateer Press Prints Ad            
If you want some PP art hanging on your wall, then you can do.                
Guts & Gears: Kraken   
Nine pages of fiction, tactics and painting guide for the Kraken. The fact the painting guide makes up four whole pages of this, and is made up of writing as well as pictures is a definite plus in No Quarter's favour.            
No Quarter Plus has the first two pages of this article, being an artwork splash, and the opening of the fiction piece.      
P3 and Battle Foam Ad 
If you have a desperate urge to transport your paints and tools in foamy comfort.           
The Gavyn Kyle Files: Dawnlord Vyros  
Eight pages of in universe fiction about Dawnlord Vyros               
Forces of Distinction X 
Two themed forces are presented with the list requirements, and some accompanying fiction. It's a shame not to see painted examples of the forces, but you can't have everything. It should be noted that these forces are considered legal/official upon publication. 
Modeling & Painting Quick Tips: Freehand Faction Symbols      
We get two examples of fairly complex faction symbols being applied freehand to Warjack chassis, with an emphasis on making the skills transferable    
LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]: Blackout Scenario      
A two page scenario for PP's Level 7 [Escape] game. Not having played I have no way to judge its quality, but it's good to see this sort of thing.    
Modeling & Painting Challenge               
Announcing the Gritty and Grizzled Challenge, PP are offering prize money ($100 to spend at the PP store for 1st place) on a painting competition, with the top entries to be featured in No Quarter. That's how you support the community.        
Monsternomicon & Beyond      
Six pages covering 3 main creature types with 7 different profiles for using in the IK RPG. Aside from the stats, there's enough background to make it worth a read.     
Quick Shot Scenario: Spirit in Steel        
A scenario for IK, running to 10 pages, and covering a nice story it's an interesting read even without any intent to use it.                
The first two pages are shown in No Quarter Plus            
Battle Report: Gargantuan Grudge Match           
This is what a battle report should be like. 16 glorious pages, with details of the scenario, the forces used, 2 pages given over to deployment, maps, and text taking precedence over photos (possibly too much, but that's a minor thing), describing in detail the four turns of the game. While it features the two Gargantuan that were released in September, their inclusion doesn't feel forced, and the whole thing feels more for the hell of it than with selling the models in mind.                
You can see the opening six pages in No Quarter Plus, which covers the scenario and the forces chosen.              
War-Torn Alliances: Dark Secrets            
Six pages of stats cards for the War-Torn Alliances League games. This tie into retailer led events, and feels a bit odd in amongst the other content.       
Player Gallery  
2 pages of community submissions, showing a  converted Extreme Tiberion, and a Cryx force from Lock & Load, as well as the winter and runner up of the last No Quarter Challenge         
The Armory: Retribution of Scyrah and Skorne 
A page of three templates to be used by the forces mentioned in the title. It's a nice addition, and it's inclusion in No Quarter Plus means you don't need to cut up ot photocopy your magazine,        
Inside Back Cover           
Infernal Contraption and Heap card game ad     
Back Cover         
Advert for Level 7 [Escpae]         
I make that a fairly astounding total of 91, which smashes the previous record set by October's d├ębut by the new White Dwarf  of 71, which given that runs for 60 pages longer than No Quarter is a fairly poor showing.

As that score indicates, I'm very impressed with No Quarter. It's certainly feels more hobby focused than White Dwarf, with two good painting features, substantially less advertising for the page count, and a Battle Report I want to read. It's certainly good enough that I'm going to try and get caught up to date, so expect to see a bit of a rush of No Quarter reviews in the next month.