Ravage #5 - December 2012/January 2013 - Review

After yesterday's White Dwarf Review, it's time to move onto Ravage #5.  Before I do though, I want to mention Valiant Wargames, who are, to my knowledge, the only UK store stocking Ravage.
Aside from the magazine, they also stock a wide range of other game lines and products, as can be seen by their nicely styled homepage.

Onto the review.

68 pages front to back cover, the big feature of this issue is the release of the Kukulkani rules for Dark Age, but these are by no means the only things going on in the magazine this month.

Letter From The Editor 
The Editorial focuses too much on the content of the rest of the magazine, and it's one of my pet hates, I much rather have an opinion piece on the hobby, rather than what boils down to an introduction.              
There are still stupid mistakes being made, with the cover listed as "Zombicide".              
This section is headed with some Rivet Wars art, a game which is then never mentioned again in the magazine.
Warhamemr 40,000 Dark Vengeance     
While an interesting article, my continual misgivings remain. Translation has not served the article well, nor has being published 4/5 months after the release of the product it is discussing.   
DUST Tactics      
A review of Operation Hades, a DUST Tactics expansion. DUST continues to tempt me, and articles like this don't help. We get a good overview of the expanded setting and the new rules and units, without going into such detail as to loose an unfamiliar reader.           
Malifaux: Neverborn     
A nice run down of the four main Neverborn Masters, and the Neverborn Henchman Collodi. The article loses something in not including Jacob Lynch, the latest Neverborn Master to see release, but it's a good introduction for someone who's not played the game     
Dungeon Commander  
This article suffers for being only one page, as there's much more I'd have liked to know about the game.           
Ravage Special:Dark Age The Kukulkani               
Ah, the centre piece of the issue, 29 pages of background and rules for the new Dark Age Faction, the Kukulkani. It's hard to comment on this piece as part of the magazine, as it is essentially one huge, and interesting advert for the game system. I do really like that Ravage is being used in this way, and much like DUST, Dark Age is rapidly climbing my gaming wish list.                

Kings Of War Scenario   

Zombicide Scenario        

Infinity: ALEPH 

X-Wing Scenario              

It seems easiest to deal with these as one lot. While I like the Ravage includes these sort of pieces, unlike the Dark Age section, they are very exclusive in terms of who can take something from them. The scenarios are only of true use of players of the specific games system, while the Infinity pieces is a very in depth tactica, that will only read well with background knowledge of the game.    

Infinity Paper Buildings 
This section feels a little sparse this month, but what we get is good, with a 5 page article (including blueprints) for making an SF building.  

Quirkworthy's Ramblings             
A one page look at the learning curve of gaming provides some interesting insights.       
I make that a grand total of 42, which isn't bad at all considering the low page count in comparison to this month's White Dwarf which scored 45. I feel like a broken record, but it's such a shame the editing isn't tighter and the review articles more current.


  1. Sounds like an interesting magazine. Any idea how many people are in charge of writing/making the magazine? Maybe there are only a few guys, making all the mistakes a little more understandable?

    It has been a long time since I have had a subscription to a gaming magazine, maybe I will look into it.

    1. This version of Ravage is an, I assume selective, English translation of the French magazine (which I've sadly never read), and is put out by CoolMiniOrNot, and includes original content (such as the Dark Age rules). While the team is small (five guys + contributors, but I don't know who's US Ravage and who's French Ravage) I'm not inclined to forgive the mistakes, especially given the two month release cycle, and £5/$6.99 cover price.

      As things stand I'd recommend it over White Dwarf, purely for the scope of the hobby it covers. I'm not sure what the situation is with subscriptions, but if you're in the UK, Valiant is the way to go.

      I need to find a copy of No Quarter to review, and see where that stands compared to White Dwarf, and take a look at webzines that are coming out.


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