Sedition Wars - Battle For Alabaster - Map Tiles & Extra Tile Map Pack

A very quick overview of the terrain tiles. The main game set, and the Extra Tile Map Pack both contain the same contents, and I'll cover them under the same post.

The set comes with two counter sheets (which I've talked about in the main unboxing post), and five double sided map tiles. The counter sheets provide two identical train cars tiles, as well as the various tokens and markers.

At just shy of 14" square they're not small tiles. The scenarios in the rule book uses a maximum of four in a line, which means you're going to want a long table.

The tiles are pleasingly thick, and fell like they're made to last.

The tiles are all unique, in artwork and layout (it's not just the same open square dressed up differently). The grid system, of 1" squares is nicely picked out, without overwhelming the art. Below are the five different tiles, shown front and back.

As I mentioned in the unboxing, one of my tiles has something trapped in it. Happily I'm getting a replacement, and when I do I'll be cutting this one open to see what's inside.

Apart from this I like the tiles, and can see them getting use outside of just Sedition Wars. I suspect when they go on general sale a few people will pick the packs up just for Space Hulk, Project Pandora, Dark Heresy etc.


  1. Wow, that stuff looks really nice. Glad to see they are made from a heavy stock paper. The art on them looks good too, lots of small details that you will pick up on over time after using them.

    1. The quality does seem very good. It's also nice that it's not a mess of separate corridor, corner, and room tiles, like Space Hulk. It's both going to be quicker to set up, and play differently due to the bigger spaces (and obviously different rules). It's be interesting to try the games on each other's board.

      The little details include some really nice touches, and if I had to pick one thing to complain about it'd be that the two train carriage sections are identical. Not that they get much use in the scenarios, but that's not really the point.

      I can't wait for the second wave to be released. The terrain pack should really add to the feel of the game.


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