Sedition Wars - Battle For Alabaster - Biohazard, Opticamo & Glow In The Dark

This is the last of the Sedition Wars reviews I'll be doing, that focuses on the boxed content. I'll be going over rules/game play at some point anon though. Below is a fairly short summation of some of the extras that were available through the Kickstarter campaign.


I quite like the finish on these, but there's little else to be said about them.

Vangaurd Patch

 Not sure what use I'll put this to.

Strain Extras

More twisted meat for the grinder.


More fresh bodies to infect.

Lights Out

Glow in the dark Strain.  They're the same sort of stuff glow in the dark stars and the like are made out of. I quite like them, purely because they won't need paint. Not sure what glue to use on them though.

Optical Camo 

These are bloody cool models, and I'll be using them with the flimsiest of excuses. If you get chance to pick these up, do so, although how many and where they'll be available (cons etc) who knows.

And that's it. I should have a Limited Edition Kara on the way as well, and I'll add here in here.


  1. How noticeable will it be after you cut the mold lines off of the optic camo models? In that you woun't be painting them to hide the scars of removing the mold lines. Pretty neat stuff, regardless.

    1. They don't seem to be too bad for mould lines, and I'm tempted to just leave them alone on that score. I'll give it a go somewhere hidden and see what it looks like.


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