Sedition Wars - Worrisome Updates

Two bits of bad news in quick succession from Cool Mini Or Not regarding the Sedition Wars Kickstarter.

The first bit is likely going to be the most annoying. Hopefully no one will have need of this information, but it is an interesting thing to store away.

"The hard PVC used for these models (same manufacturer as Privateer Press / Warmachine) can warp with extreme heat and cold and stay in that shape.  This may happen when stuff is shipped in non-climate controlled containers via sea.  

·         1- Clean the miniature of injection gates so that parts will assemble in the best way 

·          2- Put half of the body (preferably the smaller half) in nearly boiling water for 20 seconds 

·          3- Take it out with tweezers so that you don't scald your figures in the water 

·          4- Apply the hot body half to the cold body half and wait. You may accelerate the cooling process under cold running water. In a matter of seconds it will be hard and in the correct position 

·          5- Dry the part, prime, paint 


·         1- You can use the same method to straighten the legs to the desired position.

We've made a note of this and will include it in future assembly instructions, sorry for the extra steps!"  
UPDATE - Here's an assembly guide (including the above step) from Mike McVey

The second update is about shipping in Europe, and is disappointing, and as frustrating for CMoN as it is for backers.
"I just got off the phone with the UK guys, and apparently we don' t speak the same version of English.

With the confusion over Karas, plus the custom containers etc, all boxes did not go out on Monday as we were originally informed - the UPS orders were prioritized first, with the Parcel Force later, with about 150 packages going out per day.

With a total of 1000+ confirmed EU backers, that means it'll take into next week to clear out the shipping with approximately 500 out the door so far.  In order to increase the pace of it, we've asked the warehouse to hire an additional worker to assist with packing, and he's reporting in today.

UK backers will begin shipping now, and we're making sure that anything that gets shipped on the same day gets updated into the system so you'll receive tracking info, and don't need to wait for the postman.  This is going out 24 to 48 hour Parcelforce, so hopefully some of you in the UK will get items by Friday or Monday, with the whole of the EU being properly served by next week if all goes according to plan.

This is our fault, this is the first time we're handling logistics with a 3rd party but we'll make sure there are no miscommunications for the 2nd wave of shipments to you guys.  And yes, I am as mystified as you why Parcelforce got bumped to the bottom.

Please accept my humblest apologies for this additional (dumb) delay, and thank you for being patient with us while we work out the teething problems with our EU shipping.

- Chern Ann (co-owner CoolMiniOrNot)"


  1. Hmmm, I hope the plastic used on the Sedition Wars stuff is different from that used on the Dreadball models. Looking at some pictures online the stuff looks eerily similar...

    If the plastic turns out to be as difficult to clean up as the stuff used for Dreadball I doubt I will ever actually play Sedition Wars... ha ha.

    1. It's a worry. My copy ought to be here at the weekend if the tracking details are to be believed, and I'll put up a comment here, letting you know.

      I'm leaving Dreadball well alone until I've picked up a new x-acto blade.

    2. My copy has arrived (sadly badly packaged and missing both a resin Kara and another piece), and I can report that the plastic seems slightly harder than that used for the Mantic models, and mold lines are fewer and clean up easier.


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