The Hobbit - January Advance Orders

These seem to have arrived with very little fanfare.

Grim Hammers - £20

12 models strong, and on a single sprue this is a very basic plastic kit without options. What you see is pretty much what you get.

Knights Of Rivendell - £30
 With a couple of options, and a casualty model this set still seems to come in below its price point. I'm also unsure about the cloaks, as these seem a bit excessive.

Goblin King - £25
 I've no idea why you'd buy this model over the boxed game.

Radagast The Brown - £12
Another very nice rendering of the wizard, and Sebastian, but again, with the  LE boxed game still available there's no reason to buy him.

Elrond - £25
 It's a shame he looks nothing like Hugo Weaving.

Yazneg - £25

Everything about this model seems good apart from the pose. The body seems too twisted round, and the arms are just oddly hanging. It almost seems that that mounted model simply had feet sculpted onto it rather than starting from scratch.