Warriors Of Chaos Advance Order

The Warriors Of Chaos are here, and so is another price jump it would seem.

There are the usual bundle sets which offer no savings, so I'll ignore those, but here are releases

Warriors Of Chaos Army Book - £30

 Interestingly there isn't a limited edition version of the book, as we've seen for the 40K Codices.

Warhammer Battle Magic: Warriors of Chaos - £6.50

 A "While Stocks Last" releases, these always seem to sell out fairly quickly.

Slaughterbrute / Mutalith Vortex Beast - £50

£50! £50. It's on a 50x100 base, so it's not small, and comes with an abundance of parts, but still it seems pricey. 

Dragon Ogres - £35

While I like the look of the models, they really do need rock, of a pile of bodies of clamber over, as they look strange with their front legs in the air.

Chaos Chariot - £25

This kit seems reasonably priced considering its size and the number of options available. As well as the two options shown above it comes with a spare 25mm base and the suggestion of using the kit to make a plastic Chaos Lord. Sadly he seems a shift away from the aethetic of the usual Chaos Warriors, and seems to have stolen Spawn's cloak. 

Forsaken - £30

At £30 for 10 models this kit needs to do a lot to justify its price tag. It certainly comes with enough parts, and the mutations do look great. Annoyingly, thanks to the way they were sculpted, mixing these parts with the standard Warriors of Chaos kit would require a huge amount of cutting. That said, given the price I suspect we'll be seeing these models used to add to other units/conversions in Fnantasy or 40K rather than used in their own right.

Chaos Lord - £15

  Personally I don't like this model. Both pose and armour seem odd, and his spear seems far more suited to a mounted model.

Throgg - £36
 I like everything about this model but the price. He's also going to have issues fitting in with the fairly lacklustre Chaos Trolls GW previously released.

Vilitch The Curseling - £15
I really like the mix of more modern styling ans old school mutation. The armour still looks an iteration on from the Warriors Of Chaos kits, and to my mind has leaned a bit too far towards the blockiness seen on Darksiders. All is redemmed by the Guillermo del Toro styling of the sibling.

And that's the lot. Some good, some bad, some indifferent, and some worryingly expensive. I'll be ordering the cards, but little else until I've seen it in the flesh.


  1. Throgg and Vilitch are my favorite models from the bunch. But as you mentioned, he won't quite fit with the old Chaos troll models (which is probably good, because if he had looked like them, he probably would not have been neat). I wish that Vilitch's henchman was not sprouting from his shoulder. It looks like it would take some serious work to get rid of him, mainly due to the feather cloak.

    1. GW do seem to be putting out character/single models that are more consistently impressive than there large monsters/vehicles.

      I'm not sure that I wouldn't rather have seen a multipart plastic kit for the characters, but then GW seem to be shying away from those, and the finished model is not always as good as one of the more specific kits.


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