White Dwarf and Ravage Page

If you look up, you'll see I've added a specific review page to the blog. I've got a number of similar pages on various topics to add, to make navigation a bit easier, as the label list is getting somewhat huge, so expect a few more things to appear in the top bar in the next few weeks. Any comments on what you'd like to see or the layout would be most welcome.


  1. The layout for this review page looks great. Nice, simple, and visually appealing. You could potentially have separate tabs in the menu bar for some of the more popular games (like one for 40k and one for Infinity, etc...). And then just have that link to a page which collects all of the posts with the 40k label, etc...).

  2. Glad you like the page. I'll be adding No Quarter and the review scores in within the week. I think I may try and put in a second foreshortened tag cloud rather than pages for the 40K labels etc, and use game specific pages for more controlled content. Need to have a play. Certainly going to put all the painting and conversions in one place.

  3. If you are adding No Quarter to the reviews, you could just have the heading be "Magazine Reviews." I feel if you have all three titles in the tab it might get a little unwieldy.


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