February - Not A Good Month

Oh progress has elude me on all fronts this month. Let's get this over with.

Yesterday I put up a post about how I got on in January trying to meet my hobby goals. Today It's time to work out what I'm doing this month.


I'm keen to curtail the number of models backing up on my shelves, and the easiest way to do this, short of increasing my painting speed exponentially, is to cut down on what is coming in. To that end I've got a short-list of what I want to buy, and I'm going to try not to go beyond this. It's still being roughed out as the February releases are revealed, but you'll see it next week I hope.

 This has been adhered to, if not written up. So that's sort of a win, because the result is there.

Painting - Wet Blending

I want to push myself, and to that end I'm going to play around with wet blending. This means finding some means of practising without ruining models, as while stripping paint from them is easier, it's not a task I want to do needlessly. I've got some old sprues I'm going to play around with and see what happens.I've got other techniques I want to play around with as well, but everything else I'm happy doing as I go. 

I've taken a quick stab at this, and can see the potential for the technique, I just failed to carry it further than a single attempt.


I want to get my Death Marshal Crew painted this month, depending upon the above, at the heady total of five models. This will mean a bit of converting, and dealing with the bases, before I get started, but hopefully I can make a good start. 

I seem to have fallen off the painting nightly wagon, and I've yet to work it back in. Regardless of that I need more than an hour a night to get these models finished, and that didn't happen. The bases are coming, but taking much longer than I anticipated.


Now I've got the older models stripped down it's time to start the newer conversions. I think it's time to break out the bits box and have a play. As I'll be keeping many of the older models the same, so it'll mainly be plastic bashing. I need to do a bit of research and plan out what I want to do, so expect a rambling post about characters at some point. 

I think I need to work with a model first and then pull the character out of it midway through the process. Working the other way doesn't seem to flow for me in terms of creating a concrete look.


I've not got anything planned for this month, for fear of spreading myself too thin. I do want to get a review up of the Campaign: Paradiso book though. As with Malifaux, there are bases to deal with, and that will require a bit of thought. 

I've started reading through the book, but it's going to be a while yet till I'm happy to do a review. It's good so far though.


Now I have the models it's time to get things put together, which will mean a bit of assembly of the new kits (along with reviews), and some more magnetizing of Warjacks. I also need to plan a paint scheme. 

I have played around a little with paint schemes, but done little else.

Sedition Wars

I've got the game to put together, which will no doubt mean a couple of evening's work. Assembling things is as far as I want to go, to make the game playable, and not much further than that. 
I've picked the rules up once or twice, but that's been about it so far. 


As the comments on the team reviews show the mould lines on the DreadBall plastics are not easy to remove. In order to get to grips with them I'll be working on them on and off. 
I'd love to be able to say that this is where my time has gone, but it's not.

This month has been fairly crap for getting stuff done, for no reason I can really put my finger on. I think I've had a bit of a hobby slump, on top of which, my interest ran off to do other things, which compounded matters. I think the way out of things may be to simply grit my teeth and get on with them, but there's potential for that plan horribly backfiring. Sitting down tomorrow to plan for March will hopefully bring some inspiration.

Forge World

On a bit of a deadline with this month's Iron Quill entry, amongst other things, so the part of this blog that's from me is going to be fairly short and sweet.

There have been rumours going around that Forgeworld is moving out from being online to being fully stocked in stores. This isn't the case according to counter rumours, and Faeit 212 has a piece on this that's worth a read, both because of the current speculation and for lifting the lid, a little on the behind the scenes workings at FW. Head over to Faeit for the full post and discussion. I'm quoting from the Anonymous Source.
"Forgeworld has recently begun experimenting with some new casting methods. The tartarus terminators for instance were originally injection molded.

Due to quality, however Forgeworld returned to it's normal production methods shortly there after.

The clam shells are identical to the new GW blisters, but that's just because of a change in supply chain for packaging.

At this time there is zero intention to stick Forgeworld in retail stores.

Unlike GW, Forgeworld actually maintains a surprisingly low shelf stock of their miniatures. While very few are cast to order, Forgeworld maintains a weekly schedule for production based on the previous week's sales.

Forgeworld resin cannot be melted and reused so any unsold product is garbage.

As such, for Forgeworld to put even just 1 package of only their popular kits in every store it would still be 100x or more than their current inventory.

Also, conversations on this topic in the past have concluded that Forgeworld packaging would need to be improved to match the GW standard, which means photographers, graphic artists and more importantly: costs.

Furthermore, while this is in part due to the nature of how Forgeworld can currently be acquired, most purchases are large. Entire armies, etc. Thus, the sales pattern does not fit the retail environment. Admittedly this would change somewhat as there are for certain people who would buy just 1 kit if it were in store who currently buy nothing due to shipping costs and time.

Lastly, in terms of new (currently untapped) revenue it would not generate much if any. Predictions show that it would just redirect some funds from GW plastic to FW resin in some situations.

That isn't to say that GW isn't acutely aware of the demand for Forgeworld. Especially now with the Heresy being fleshed out.

There is a strong push for Forgeworld to be available in stores as Direct Order, without shipping or duty fees and presumably taking a fraction of the time.

What is holding that back is just the legal limitations. Someone has to pay the duty, and it is not predictable or consistent enough to factor into the cost of the models.

To get around that, the miniatures would have to be produced in the same country they're being sold in, or a neighbouring nation with a free trade agreement.

Sadly though, when it comes to north America, if something is made in the USA or Canada, you can't also import it (as the same company). Meaning if Forgeworld set up shop in Tennessee it would be the only place to get Forgeworld in north America.

Currently there just isn't enough demand in either America or Europe to split the supply like that.

Forgeworld is currently in a sweet spot where supply barely meets demand. Until that changes, the model won't. "
 It's certainly food for thought, and it explains why buyers end up with the pare resin, it being no use to FW.

Infinity - February 2013 Releases

 Infinity's releases this month are almost flawless.

Crusader Brethern

If this model tickles your memory, it's because it's a variant on a model for the same unit released back in October.  Back then the only fault I could find was with the leg of the model, and I have the same issue here. The left leg seems to be too far out. Given the armour detailing this is likely to be a pain to alter without the change being obvious.

Bào Troops

There's neither a repeated body (EDIT ah, not so much, as spotted in the comment's I've been taken in by the tabards) fact  or a duff model in this unit. Even going out of my way to look for something I dislike I can't find anything.  A step by step painting guide can be found on the Studio Giraldez Facebook page.

KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services

Another good looking unit, although the bodies would seem to repeat. The poses are good, and the style of the models is nicely distinct from those  in other factions, emphasising their role as outsiders.

Special Operative Ko Dali

Possibly the most technically impressive model from across the Infinity range, Ko Dali looks bloody amazing.  It's worth noting that the background lives up to the model. My one reservation would be how easy this model is going to be to put together and transport without breaking. A step by step painting guide can, once again be found on the Studio Giraldez Facebook page.

Gao-Tarsos Unit

The Tohaa are getting some awesome models, and the Gao-Tarsos is no exception to this, looking absolutely perfect.

I usually finish off these things by picking my favourite model of the month, but I think that's pretty impossible this time around. Corvus Belli have really knocked it out the park this month, surpassing even their own high standards.

Kickstarter Round-Up - 25.02.2013

There are quiet a few good Kickstarters still ticking over, and a few new ones to take a look at since I last posted one of these.


Godslayer has reached its target, and the funds continue to grow, as do the options on offer. The first stretch goal is in sight, and I expect they'll be a bit of a rush before the final day is up.

Torn World

While there are some promising pieces of concept art on show, this project needs to see a lot more money to be fully realised, and that is working against it. Worth a look for the few models avaliable so far though.

Rogue Trooper

A great Kickstarter from Mongoose Publishing, following on the heels of their Judge Dredd game, it's got a little bit yet to run and some great rewards and stretch goals. Go give it a look.

Eternity Dice


For anyone with a dice fetish, there are some really nice stone dice available here, while a bit pricey I know from personal experience they're good products, as one made from lava sits next to my keyboard.

Wild West Exodus

WWX is gaining funds at an impressive rate, and with 21 days still on the clock there's a lot of potential in the project. Currently the four core factions are being rounded out, but should the total go high enough they'll be while new gangs added. The selection of models is good, and it's worth a look for the vehicles and terrain alone.

Hell Dorado


Anyone wanting to get started with Hell Dorado could do worse than take a look at the project, as it provides some good jumping on pledges. I've not looked into the game fully myself, so you may want to go further afield for more information before taking the leap.


I realise this one is a little bit out of the way from the topic of miniature games, but apen that allows the creation of 3D objects via extruded plastic seems like something that could easily find a place in a hobbyists arsenal of tools.



I'm not sure about this game yet, but anyone wanting a fantasy twist on chess ought to give it a look. 

Empire Of The Dead


Personally I'm not a fan of the EotD range, as while I like the humans the monsters have never looked right to me. Clearly this opinion is in the minority as the Kickstarter is going from strength to strength.

Mutant Chronicles

A blast from the past, Kickstarter is treating Mutant Chronicles very well indeed, and the new models and concept art is looking great.

There are certainly some interesting Kickstarter out there, with something for everyone I think. I'm a little surprised the bubble hasn't burst yet, but certainly can't complain given the quality of the projects that are finding their money through the system.

Sunday Photo Page - London Super Comic Con

Headed off to the London Excel Centre today, for the London Super Comic Con. The picture above gives the event a sense of being on a far larger scale than it actually was, and while it was an ok day there was a distinct Sunday vibe, and the atmosphere felt a little flat. I didn't bring back anything beyond the freebies, but there were some very nice pieces of artwork that would have flat-lined the bank account.

Chaos Daemon Pre Orders

Well the Chaos Daemons are up for pre-order (note GW's change in phrasing) and they're pushed the boat out with the number of limited editions, with one for each God, and for the first time with versions for Fantasy as well as 40K. At £55 a book, it's pricey, but I imagine there are going to be a few people going to try and get the whole set (well, probably four, rather than all eight).

 "This is a limited edition Chaos Daemons codex. It comes with a special matt dust-jacket featuring a gloss Khorne illustration. Underneath, the hardcover finish is textured and with subtle artwork and lettering. It comes with a black ribbon bookmark, black edging and a certificate.

In addition to these lavish details, this limed edition book contains the same information as the standard edition: a full, rich background of the Chaos Daemons; the truths behind the daemonic invasions or realspace; a description of rules for the vibrant armies of the Chaos Daemons; a glorious showcase of Citadel miniatures; and a comprehensive army list that allows you to forge your Chaos Daemons into an all-conquering horde on the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield."

Abaddon & Loken

"Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain of the Sons of Horus and Master of the Justaerin, was one of the most renowned and fanatically loyal commanders of the XVIth Legion. A hulking brute of a Space Marine, whispered rumour had long speculated that he was the clone-progeny of the Warmaster himself. Regardless, Abaddon walked willingly into treachery alongside his master, slaughtering many of his former comrades on the blasted fields of Isstvan III, and soon his name was amongst the most feared and despised of the traitor Horus’ followers.

Garviel Loken once commanded the 10th Company of the Luna Wolves Legion; later the Sons of Horus. He was a well-respected and senior commander, and one of the Mournival, the unofficial cadre of Horus’ closest advisors. His idealism and staunch loyalty to the Emperor and Humanity saw him selected to command the Sons of Horus contingent in the assault against the recidivists of Isstvan III. When the true scope of betrayal was revealed, Loken and his comrades cast aside their Legion name and proclaimed themselves Luna Wolves once more.

Set of two multi-part resin models packed with Legion-specific iconography and supplied in a black presentation box. The figures slot into a large scenic base to allow the fateful duel between the two to be represented. Also supplied with one 40mm and one 20mm base for gaming purposes. Models designed by Simon Egan. You can watch an interview with Simon about his approach to sculpting these fantastic figures here. Available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday the 1st of March."
 All this can be your for £55. Most of which is probably for the base. The only thing I dislike (other than the price) is Loken's cloak. It's too long since I've read the first three Heresy books, to remember if everything is accurate to the confrontation as presented there. The only other thing to wonder is if we'll see individual models for the two characters, and who's coming next. 

Chaos Daemons Pictures

Well, the daemon pictures finally seem to have hit the web. GW do seem to be keeping things increasingly locked down these days.

The pictures are taken from PlasticKrak, with product information from Faeit 212. The covers and army box come via La Taberna De Laurana As an aside, I really like the background GW have used for the photos.

Codex and Army Book

It's interesting that both books feature a single Khorne Daemon, rather than showing off members of the whole pantheon. Hopefully the insides will be a bit more varied. It'll be interesting to see to what extent the content differs, and if we see a limited edition release for the Codex. Personally I prefer the Fantasy cover.

Herald Of Nurgle 

A plastic character kit, this model looks gorgeous.There's very little I'd change, bar possibly swapping the head out for a more old school looking one, but I'll wait til I see it in the flesh to decide.

Herald Of Khorne

He's a bit bland for a Finecast miniature. The Nurgle Herald looks suitably dedicated to his patron, and will stand out from the rank and file. This model doesn't look much more than a champion. 

Herald Of Slaanesh

I'm not particularly keen,but then I'm not a fan of the plastic daemonettes, and this model follows the same style. I would have liked to see things head back to style of the previous metal miniatures, with clean lines, and different talons.

Herald Of Tzeentch On Chariot/Burning Chariot Of Tzeentch

This is a two model kit, with the option of the standard chariot with the Herald, or the Burning Chariot Of Tzeentch (see below). The Herald version looks good, and promises to be a nice model in and of itself. The Chariot looks to be everything convertors have invisioned of a Tzeentch chariot over the years. Depending on price I expect we've going to see a lot of people picking the set up for a Disc and two Screamers.

I dislike the style of the flame, and that has a major impact on my overall opinion of the model. I think it's going to be interesting to see in the flesh. I do like the flamer kit though, and this looks like it'll be a good set for parts. 

Plague Drones Of Nurgle

This kit looks a bit half arsed, although I want to see proper pictures before I really decided, I'm not impressed at the moment. The wings might be the one saving feature of the set. 

Blood Throne Of Khorne/Skull Cannon Of Khorne


The second dual purpose set of the release, this kit does neither well to my mind. The Throne looks peculiar, and the cannon seems way to small.Surely a Throne of Khorne ought to be made purely out of skulls, and the cannon ought to be bloody huge; Khorne isn't known for his subtly.

I do like the frame portion of the model, with the faces, skin, skulls, wheels, and mechanical parts all looking interesting. It just seems that what has been added onto them is lacking a certain something.


To me that looks like a fairly poor selection of troops, with a lot of additions needed to have a nice solid army, but that's just me. You might buy one set, or maybe two, but I doubt anyone is going to be getting three boxes. I wonder of this is one of GW's subtler ways of avoiding loss, by making the cheaper buying options less useful?

Hopefully they'll be more to come in the next few days. I've got fingers crossed for some plastic Greater Demons, as the above certainly doesn't include the sort of monstrous creatures we've been seeing from GW lately.

Hellblazer #300

Today sees the release of the last issue of Hellblazer, Vertigo's longest running series, finishing at #300.

The blurb from Vertigo reads as follows:
It’s the heart-rending conclusion of “DEATH AND CIGARETTES”—and the end of Vertigo’s longest running series. John Constantine has escaped, cheated, narrowly avoided and even reversed death on multiple occasions over the past 25 years. Now, we will test whether the old boy has one more second chance in him. Don’t miss this epic, oversized special issue celebrating everything that makes John Constantine so bloody unique.
It's the end of something special, and while John Constantine lives on in DC's New 52 in his own title, Constantine, it simply won't be the same.

It's not quite the last we'll see of John though, as they'll be the trade paperback edition out at some point soon, and I'll do a proper retrospective after that.There are also older issues being collected into trade paperbacks, which promise to fill in some of the large gaps in the series the previous tpb's missed.

Godslayer Kickstarter

I've had an eye on Godslayer for a while now, and have been following the Kickstarter with interest.

Putting a fantasy twist on myth, and turning legend into a skirmish game, Godslayer certainly has a lot going for it.With six factions, split into 3 sub-factions apiece, there will be plenty of choice once the model selection fills out.

The Kickstarter has almost reached its goal, and with 11 days to go, should exceed it nicely.

The pledge levels are nicely scaled, with a cheap intro set starting at £20, with full starter sets at £30, and variations on the units and characters included at higher levels. With the option to pledge for more than one reward it means you can tailor your pledge to what you want to get within reason.

Take a look around Megalith Games' site to get more background on the game.

Rather than drown you in pictures, here's a size comparison, which gives a nice idea of the range of models, and how much metal you're getting for your money.

You can also get a flavour of the background, with this sample of the background book.

For those of you who want a bit of an independent testimony:

Wee Gamers have a nice 30 chat up, rhapsodising about the game.

The Shell Case reviews the Mortan starter box and talks about the rules, and now have a second, deeper review up here.

Realm Of Chaos - Bolt Thrower

I had intended this to be a much longer piece, but those ramblings will have to be delayed for later in the week, as real life has got somewhat in the way of the blog today.

Bolt Thrower have been around since 1986, and have put out eight studio albums and various other releases. They've been heaviy influenced by Games Workshop, from the band name, to the artwork and lyrices. The CD/DVD combo was released today, and to steal the blurb
"Originally released in 1989, Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos immediately took up residency as a death metal/grind masterpiece, mixing an incredibly heavy sound with a war-based theme and image that the band still employ to this day. This re-issue features brand new art drawn by original Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000's Jon Sibbick; the artist who also did the original art for the release back in 1989. The previously unreleased DVD performance is filmed on three cameras and comes from the legendary 1989 ‘Grindcrusher’ tour that also featured the death and grind royalty of Morbid Angel, Napalm Death and Carcass. "

If you want to know more, I recomend heading over to Tears Of Envy to look at a collection of the album covers, and Encycolpedia Metallum, from whence I leave you this quote, about The IVth Crusade.
"Where do you go after releasing three awesome albums in a row? Do you stick with what brought you to the forefront and risk being labeled as generic or repetitive? Or do you take an even bigger risk and tweak your sound? Well, this question is pretty irrelevant when the band you're in happens to be Bolt Thrower."

Sunday Photo Page - 17.02.2013

Well, it needs tidying up with a file, the herringbone at the bottom needs finishing, and then I need to decide if I round the edges to match the base, of leave it as is. However, all that aside, I think I've nailed the pattern I wanted to match. I know I'm missing the bottom row of decorated bricks, but the height differential in the base ought to make that less apparent. If needed I can always break the main wall section away from the base to add in a layer. 

While not terribly obvious on this picture the blob of glue in the middle is where a pin emerges from the wall. I'll be explaining why that is at a later date.

From The Æther - 16.02.2013

A fairly spars set of links today, but they're all work checking out.

Bell Of Lost Souls takes a look at an Arkham Asylum inspired Malifaux crew


WeMen has a very nicely weathered Space Marine statue.


Graven Games has a great article about working with Etched Brass


Table War in Cambridge takes a step back from GW

Back to Bell Of Lost Souls talking some more about Infinity

And to finish off with something very silly (and full of swearing)

Another Brick In The Wall

This should, be rights, be a long post, with me showing off some finished bases for Malifaux. However things have not gone according to plan. I do have this to show for my efforts though.

The above is a not very completed wall, based upon the look of the Malifaux streets terraclips set.

Why isn't there a full set of bases? Because it turns out the bricks are a pig to work with.

The large white bricks are about as tough as compacted dust, and while they take a file quiet well (they d gum the teeth up though), they are liable to shatter when trying to split them with a knife. I've no idea what a saw would do, but that's the next step.

The red bricks are equally fragile, and fiddly to handle thanks to their smaller size.

An issue shared by the two bricks is the inconsistent sizing, which makes building the herringbone pattern or the wall a problem, and the fact that one edge is made by the top of the mould, and has a different texture to the others. It also means that one edge is neither flat nor square.

All this means working with them is a slog, and there isn't an obvious short cut to getting the bases done. Hopefully I'll have more to show come the start of next week. 

Games Workshop, Facebook, and PR

Games Workshop and positive PR don't really go together, and the Spots the Space Marine debacle has really highlighted that. When asked to give a response by the BBC, for an article upon it, they replied with this:
"A spokesman for Games Workshop said it had a "blanket policy" of not talking to the media and had no comment to make about the row or its trademark claim."
Which is not a wholly untenable position, but it seems that it also extends to not talking to the customers and fans.

GW sells a product that isn't by any means a vital resource, and there is increasing competition in the market. This being the case it needs to have a good relationship with its customers. And this means communication. That GW closed down their main facebook page yesterday doesn't bode well. The old address redirects to the standard Facebook home page, while old links to specific pages run into "This content is currently unavailable."

The response by GW when questioned upon this is as follows (via Faeit 212):
"The Games Workshop Facebook page has been removed so that the customer interaction goes through our retail stores. This will be via face to face contact with customers while they are visiting the stores, or by using the individual Facebook pages each store has.

The individual stores Facebook pages can be found here;


We hope this has been of help.

Kind regards, Scott Edwards"
Given that the last post on there was shockingly patronising and evasive it might not be a wholly bad thing.
"Games Workshop owns and protects many valuable trademarks in a number of territories and classes across the world. For example, 'Warhammer' and 'Space Marine' are registered trademarks in a number of classes and territories. In some other territories and classes they are unregistered trademarks protected by commercial use. Whenever we are informed of, or otherwise discover, a commercially available product whose title is or uses a Games Workshop trademark without our consent, we have no choice but to take reasonable action.  We would be failing in our duty to our shareholders if we did not protect our property.

To be clear, Games Workshop has never claimed to own words or phrases such as 'warhammer' or  'space marine' as regards their general use in everyday life, for example within a body of prose. By illustration, although Games Workshop clearly owns many registered trademarks for the Warhammer brand, we do not claim to own the word 'warhammer' in common use as a hand weapon.

Trademarks as opposed to use of a word in prose or everyday language are two very different things. Games Workshop is always vigilant in protecting the former, but never makes any claim to owning the latter."
Interestingly the twitter page is still up, although there's been no tweets since the 12th.

But I digress.

Swinging back to the point, there's a line I want to dig into "so that the customer interaction goes through our retail stores. This will be via face to face contact with customers while they are visiting the stores, or by using the individual Facebook pages each store has."

What? That's awful reasoning. What sort of central control and consistent answers does that give customers? I think we have to put the blame for the shut down on the increased negativity evident on the page due to the Space Marine trademark issue, which has caused a lot of bitching about GW in a lot of places. Certainly there are a few blog posts I've seen with this being a final straw, and igniting a move away from GW to different degrees. 

But there's a bigger point to this, and that's GW's woeful lack of sense when dealing with it's customer base. It needs to bring people back into the fold, and a big step towards that would have been a proper discussion of things, rather than just an explanation of why they're not sorry. It's all very well protecting share holder interests, but driving customers away and bleeding those who stay dry doesn't seem to be a tenable long term plan.

Which I suppose brings me around to where I stand, and happily I already knew the answer at the start of the year. I still fully intend to keep dabbling in the universes GW has created, mainly with INQ28 for the moment, but staying in touch with other things as well. I don't intend to be jumping on every shiny thing that comes out, as tempting as it may be, and will probably focus more on spreading my hobby interests, but knowledge of what's out there, inclination, and the accessibility to new games that Kickstarter has provided have pushed me down that road a fair way already.

Beyond The Gates Of Antares Kickstarter Cancelled

Beyond the Gates of Antares has been cancelled. You can read the full announcement either below, or on Kickstarter
"After much consideration we have decided to withdraw our project from Kickstarter.

We’d like to thank you all for believing in us and backing us, GoA will still become a reality but through different means.

We will take the next month to reassess our plans, during this time you will still see us on the forums and we will continue to post updates to our website. Once we have a plan set we will let you all know what it is so that we can continue to build GoA together.

There are a lot of positives to take from this journey and we certainly don’t think of this as a failure, more a change in plans with actual direct feedback from the market, which should help us greatly in the future. One of the best things we’ve done is you guys. We managed to develop a thriving community in a very short time, which is bursting with ideas and support for the project and for that we thank you and we will continue to want and need your help in the future.

There are too many people to thank, but we’d like to take the opportunity to give special thanks to these guys (in no order!): Melcavuk, Krazus, Prototheca, Endtransmission, Karl Pedder, Gylan Hunter, Michael Musson, John Wigley, Des Hanley, Karol Rudyk, Bruno Lavallee, Angelika Rasmus, Andy Gibson (brandnewbadidea), Golem Painting Studios, James Sherriff, Tim Prow, Kev White, Wojtek Fils, Bob Naismith, Andrew Chesney, Paul Sawyer

We’ll talk to you all very soon

Thank you!

Rick, Rik, John and Co

PS almost final Hansa pics below!"

I think this image from Kicktraqu tells much of the tale. Things standing as they do, the £100,000 seems to be a fairly impressive total, despite not reaching the goal. Certainly contemporary Kickstarters should be envious of the figure.

After an initial flurry of backers, and a lot of interviews and attention, the interest in the project just seemed to fall away. Certainly the graph below shows people pulling their money out of the project towards the end.

I think the main hurdle to the success of the Kickstart has been that compared to other projects out there, it had too little to show. While Kickstarter isn't intended to work as a pre order service, that does seem to be the way to increase the revenue. Sedition Wars, Zombicide, Kingdom Death, DreadBall, and the like all had a tangible thing for backers to buy, supplemented by concept sketches and the like, as things were added. Gates Of Antares on the other hand started out a long way off from that, without even the sketches to show, and people just weren't as keen to buy into the idea of an idea. The high target has also likely hobbled the project, as everything was in the wind until it was hit. A lower target would have at least allowed some certainty for backers, if not facilitated the large scope intended by the game. I suppose it may be a case of do it right or not at all though.

I do have to wonder if it's a problem created through the physical nature of the miniatures hobby, as video games, with only a bit more artwork for backers to go off, have raised reasonable money. Then again that is a far larger potential pool of backers to draw upon.

I think there are clear lessons to be learned from this Kickstarter, and I hope we'll see Beyond The Gates Of Antares return, in a far more solid format at some point (not too soon though, as there are other Kickstarters I want to support).

Kickstarters - 11.02.2013

There are a number of Kickstarters running at the moment that are of interest. As ever present in order of soonest to finish we have.


The miniatures from the Darklands game will be familiar to anyone who frequented the Maelstrom Games website, before that company went south. This bad history doesn't seem to have effected this Kickstarter, run by Mierce Miniatures, who bought the Bane Legion range from Maelstrom before they went bankrupt. 

The models look great, especially the monstersm and  there's a wide range of factions to chose from. The stretch goals have added free models, or opened up the option to buy larger kits, and the best guide is probably the flow chart below

Full starter sets start at £60 (although there are some early bird specials at a slightly reduced price).

Taking a different form from most Kickstarters, Tor Gaming are allowing backers a very mix and match selection of miniatures, be it simply expanding their existing forces, or picking up a starter set and some of the new models.
Games & Gears Pro Studio Brushes

This Kickstarter is running under fairly tight restrictions on numbers, so most of the best pledge levels are gone, but if you want a set of double ended brushes at a reasonable price it's worth checking out.

Beyond The Gates Of Antares

UPDATE - This project has now been cancelled.

Sadly the funding on this game seems to have stalled horribly. I think it's due to there simply not being a solid enough concept to buy into. As much as the idea of influencing the design is an interesting one, there needs to be far more concrete ideas in place to start with. There are more details being added fairly regularly, and Rick Priestley did a slew of interviews when it launched, but I think they need to really get the concepts they've got so far out there in order to meet their goals. It's a shame because I'd like to see what happens with this game.


Blending myth into tabletop gaming Godslayer looks like it should be an interesting game. At £30 to pick up a starter box it seems very reasonable, the big issue is what faction to pick.

2000AD Rogue Trooper

Coming off the back of their very successful Judge Dredd Kickstarter, Mongoose Publishing have launched a Kickstarter for Rogue Trooper. If you're a fan of 2000AD's output it's well worth a look.

Wild West Exodus

This project is pulling in a fair bit of money, with a long time left on the clock. It's dystopian western setting is certainly appealing, and at $50 + shipping for a box of what look to be very nice models it's very tempting to take the plunge.

Empire Of The Dead Requiem

This is on the way, and could be worth considering

Zombicie Season 2

This is on the horizon,and worth bearing in mind before you blow all your pennies.

And that's the lot for now. If anyone know of any I've missed I'd be pleased to add them. Just need to decide which ones I'm backing.

Sunday Photo Page - 10.02.2013

Not a lot to show for the week just gone sadly. I need to put in more hours at the painting table, as while I've painted every day it's not been for long. Amognst other things I've been playing around with a colour scheme for my Khador Winter Guard, and I think a slightly darker take on the studio scheme should work quite well. I've got the bases down on this model, so we'll see what it looks like worked up a bit more.

The second part of an order arrived in the week, giving me another Malifaux crew to get painted up. Seamus and Lady J are going to be my demo crews for showing Malifaux to a few interested parties, being less complex than the other crews I have. I'll put up a review next week.

And that it's rather disappointingly.  Hopefully I'll make more progress next week, or I'll never hit those monthly goals.

From The Æther - 09.02.2013

After last week's minimalist showing things have swung the other way, with a fair list to get through today.

First up, a bit of Blood Bowl love from Confessions Of A 40K Addict, with a link to a pitch and rules for playing Blood Bowl on the beach.


Dark Templar paints up a Nurgle Forgefiend

And with a very different take on the other model from that kit we have a Maulerfiend from Spikey Bits

398206_10151140561014748_249882898_n (1)

Bell Of Lost Souls has a very good set of tutorials on painting different skin tones, that also shows off the gorgeous Kingdom Death survivor models. Note the equality of nudity.

000 Header

Eternal Hunt revisits the Dark Vengeance box set to create more World Eaters from the Chosen.


Back to Bell Of Lost Souls for a look at list building in Infinity.

Pirate Viking talks you through some warnings, tips and tricks for dealing with resin.

Bad Haven brings us a wearable Terminator Helmet


Spiky Rat Pack continues apace with a Red Corsair project, going from this to this in sickeningly few hours.


Green Stuff Industries shows off a possessed Vindicator


And last but not least, we have Standard Template Construction, continuing work on a Chaos Patrol Boat.