Another Brick In The Wall

This should, be rights, be a long post, with me showing off some finished bases for Malifaux. However things have not gone according to plan. I do have this to show for my efforts though.

The above is a not very completed wall, based upon the look of the Malifaux streets terraclips set.

Why isn't there a full set of bases? Because it turns out the bricks are a pig to work with.

The large white bricks are about as tough as compacted dust, and while they take a file quiet well (they d gum the teeth up though), they are liable to shatter when trying to split them with a knife. I've no idea what a saw would do, but that's the next step.

The red bricks are equally fragile, and fiddly to handle thanks to their smaller size.

An issue shared by the two bricks is the inconsistent sizing, which makes building the herringbone pattern or the wall a problem, and the fact that one edge is made by the top of the mould, and has a different texture to the others. It also means that one edge is neither flat nor square.

All this means working with them is a slog, and there isn't an obvious short cut to getting the bases done. Hopefully I'll have more to show come the start of next week. 


  1. Secret weapon bricks are much, much easier than you describe to work with.. but a wee bit pricey

    1. These are Pegasus bricks, and it's turned what I thought would be a half hour job into a much longer one.

  2. I find that nearly everything takes longer than you think it should.... What you have thus far is looking pretty good though. What are your thoughts about using plasti-card to make the bricks on the bottom of the base? That would help keep the bases from getting too tall. Plasti-card while easy to work with, probably will not really save you much time though because you have to draw and cut out all the little bricks...

    Best of luck with whatever you choose. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. Far too true, everything seems to over run.

    I'm going to stick to using the bricks, as the other bases I have planed for my Malifaux crews will have a bit of height in them, and I want to try and keep everyone on a level. It certainly has its applications though, and I need to use it more often.


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