Chaos Daemon Pre Orders

Well the Chaos Daemons are up for pre-order (note GW's change in phrasing) and they're pushed the boat out with the number of limited editions, with one for each God, and for the first time with versions for Fantasy as well as 40K. At £55 a book, it's pricey, but I imagine there are going to be a few people going to try and get the whole set (well, probably four, rather than all eight).

 "This is a limited edition Chaos Daemons codex. It comes with a special matt dust-jacket featuring a gloss Khorne illustration. Underneath, the hardcover finish is textured and with subtle artwork and lettering. It comes with a black ribbon bookmark, black edging and a certificate.

In addition to these lavish details, this limed edition book contains the same information as the standard edition: a full, rich background of the Chaos Daemons; the truths behind the daemonic invasions or realspace; a description of rules for the vibrant armies of the Chaos Daemons; a glorious showcase of Citadel miniatures; and a comprehensive army list that allows you to forge your Chaos Daemons into an all-conquering horde on the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield."

The standard editions are just that, at £30 each for the hardbacks, be they a Codex or Army Book.

Both versions get psychic cards, with the 40K set at 12 cards for £4.50 and Fantasy getting 21 cards for £6.50. 

 The Herald Of Nurgle looks suitably horrific, and in plastic there's good potential for conversions, although, oddly, it's priced the same as the Finecast Heralds at £15. 

The Herald Of Khorne looks little different from the usual Bloodletters, and if he's ranked up in a unit, he's going to be both a pig to place, and the detail at the rear, with the rope of skulls, is going to be hidden.

I'm a fan of neither the hair, the dress, or the pose.
And the odd one of the bunch, the Herald of Tzeentch, who, for £25 comes as part of the Chariot kit. The variety of the parts is impressive, and compared to the cost of the plastic Nurgle Herald it seems reasonably priced.  It's just a shame that the Tzeentch rank and file are such poor models.

The Herald really looks really good on the chariot. and it's good to see that it's not using a flying stand.

I'm still unsure about the style of the flames on this model, but the extra bits included in the set for £25 make it a fair deal when buying the Herald. I suspect we'll see quite a few bits turning up in conversions. 
 The only disappointing bit of the set is the box, which does a poor job of advertising the dual nature of the kit.
 The Plague Drones look a lot better than the leaked picture suggested, but the riders do look a little balanced on top, rather than properly riding it. I think we'll be seeing a these models used a fiar bit in conversions, if not as a cavalry unit.

The Blood Throne/Skull Cannon (as with the Tzeentch chariot) seems cheap at £25 for a dual purpose kit. While the individual parts are promising the model as a whole just doesn't add up. I can see the parts working quite well on a Chaos tank conversion, or something more bizarre.

All in all it's an OK release, with a few good models, and a lot of kits with conversion potential, although that's in part highlighted by the fact that the kits as intended aren't fantastic. It seems odd that there isn't a large monster type kit, undivided models, or the rumoured Greater Daemons.