February - Not A Good Month

Oh progress has elude me on all fronts this month. Let's get this over with.

Yesterday I put up a post about how I got on in January trying to meet my hobby goals. Today It's time to work out what I'm doing this month.


I'm keen to curtail the number of models backing up on my shelves, and the easiest way to do this, short of increasing my painting speed exponentially, is to cut down on what is coming in. To that end I've got a short-list of what I want to buy, and I'm going to try not to go beyond this. It's still being roughed out as the February releases are revealed, but you'll see it next week I hope.

 This has been adhered to, if not written up. So that's sort of a win, because the result is there.

Painting - Wet Blending

I want to push myself, and to that end I'm going to play around with wet blending. This means finding some means of practising without ruining models, as while stripping paint from them is easier, it's not a task I want to do needlessly. I've got some old sprues I'm going to play around with and see what happens.I've got other techniques I want to play around with as well, but everything else I'm happy doing as I go. 

I've taken a quick stab at this, and can see the potential for the technique, I just failed to carry it further than a single attempt.


I want to get my Death Marshal Crew painted this month, depending upon the above, at the heady total of five models. This will mean a bit of converting, and dealing with the bases, before I get started, but hopefully I can make a good start. 

I seem to have fallen off the painting nightly wagon, and I've yet to work it back in. Regardless of that I need more than an hour a night to get these models finished, and that didn't happen. The bases are coming, but taking much longer than I anticipated.


Now I've got the older models stripped down it's time to start the newer conversions. I think it's time to break out the bits box and have a play. As I'll be keeping many of the older models the same, so it'll mainly be plastic bashing. I need to do a bit of research and plan out what I want to do, so expect a rambling post about characters at some point. 

I think I need to work with a model first and then pull the character out of it midway through the process. Working the other way doesn't seem to flow for me in terms of creating a concrete look.


I've not got anything planned for this month, for fear of spreading myself too thin. I do want to get a review up of the Campaign: Paradiso book though. As with Malifaux, there are bases to deal with, and that will require a bit of thought. 

I've started reading through the book, but it's going to be a while yet till I'm happy to do a review. It's good so far though.


Now I have the models it's time to get things put together, which will mean a bit of assembly of the new kits (along with reviews), and some more magnetizing of Warjacks. I also need to plan a paint scheme. 

I have played around a little with paint schemes, but done little else.

Sedition Wars

I've got the game to put together, which will no doubt mean a couple of evening's work. Assembling things is as far as I want to go, to make the game playable, and not much further than that. 
I've picked the rules up once or twice, but that's been about it so far. 


As the comments on the team reviews show the mould lines on the DreadBall plastics are not easy to remove. In order to get to grips with them I'll be working on them on and off. 
I'd love to be able to say that this is where my time has gone, but it's not.

This month has been fairly crap for getting stuff done, for no reason I can really put my finger on. I think I've had a bit of a hobby slump, on top of which, my interest ran off to do other things, which compounded matters. I think the way out of things may be to simply grit my teeth and get on with them, but there's potential for that plan horribly backfiring. Sitting down tomorrow to plan for March will hopefully bring some inspiration.


  1. This past month has been pretty slow for me too. I have done some trimming here and there, but that is about it. I really need to focus on one or two things and actually finish them, rather than starting multiple projects...

    1. I think my issue is focusing on the hobby in general. Need too get rid of some distractions, and use my time better.

      I think it's a rare gamer that doesn't have multiple projects on the go. I've tried and failed to narrow myself down to just one thing before.


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