From The Æther - 09.02.2013

After last week's minimalist showing things have swung the other way, with a fair list to get through today.

First up, a bit of Blood Bowl love from Confessions Of A 40K Addict, with a link to a pitch and rules for playing Blood Bowl on the beach.


Dark Templar paints up a Nurgle Forgefiend

And with a very different take on the other model from that kit we have a Maulerfiend from Spikey Bits

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Bell Of Lost Souls has a very good set of tutorials on painting different skin tones, that also shows off the gorgeous Kingdom Death survivor models. Note the equality of nudity.

000 Header

Eternal Hunt revisits the Dark Vengeance box set to create more World Eaters from the Chosen.


Back to Bell Of Lost Souls for a look at list building in Infinity.

Pirate Viking talks you through some warnings, tips and tricks for dealing with resin.

Bad Haven brings us a wearable Terminator Helmet


Spiky Rat Pack continues apace with a Red Corsair project, going from this to this in sickeningly few hours.


Green Stuff Industries shows off a possessed Vindicator


And last but not least, we have Standard Template Construction, continuing work on a Chaos Patrol Boat.