Infinity - February 2013 Releases

 Infinity's releases this month are almost flawless.

Crusader Brethern

If this model tickles your memory, it's because it's a variant on a model for the same unit released back in October.  Back then the only fault I could find was with the leg of the model, and I have the same issue here. The left leg seems to be too far out. Given the armour detailing this is likely to be a pain to alter without the change being obvious.

Bào Troops

There's neither a repeated body (EDIT ah, not so much, as spotted in the comment's I've been taken in by the tabards) fact  or a duff model in this unit. Even going out of my way to look for something I dislike I can't find anything.  A step by step painting guide can be found on the Studio Giraldez Facebook page.

KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services

Another good looking unit, although the bodies would seem to repeat. The poses are good, and the style of the models is nicely distinct from those  in other factions, emphasising their role as outsiders.

Special Operative Ko Dali

Possibly the most technically impressive model from across the Infinity range, Ko Dali looks bloody amazing.  It's worth noting that the background lives up to the model. My one reservation would be how easy this model is going to be to put together and transport without breaking. A step by step painting guide can, once again be found on the Studio Giraldez Facebook page.

Gao-Tarsos Unit

The Tohaa are getting some awesome models, and the Gao-Tarsos is no exception to this, looking absolutely perfect.

I usually finish off these things by picking my favourite model of the month, but I think that's pretty impossible this time around. Corvus Belli have really knocked it out the park this month, surpassing even their own high standards.


  1. Hi, just wanted to point out that in the Kaplan and Bao boxes there is indeed repetition of body types.

    Practically every 4-man box consists of:
    2x 2 different bodies
    4 heads, either identical or different.
    4 different sets of arms/ weapons.

    The Bao look different because they have 4 unique tabards (which I believe are removable) but if you look closely, you will see that there are just 2 body types.

    You can see it more clearly from the back.

    1. Thanks for mentioning it. It was the tabards that misled me, and it is very obvious from the back that there are only the two body types.

  2. That new version of Ko Dali is leagues better than the old model (which I dare say is one of the worst model in the Infinity line...). On a humorous note, her pistols look strikingly similar to the plasma pistols in the Halos series...

    The Gao-Tarsos model is really neat too. I particularly like the model's pstol, based primarily on its small size.

    1. The old model is not a nice model. It is good to see the background moving forward though, through the models.

      The Gao-Tarsos is a nice model, and one I real want to pick up/see in the flesh. The pistol is dinky, and I'm reminded of the one shot plasma weapons from the first Deus Ex.


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