Kickstarter Round-Up - 25.02.2013

There are quiet a few good Kickstarters still ticking over, and a few new ones to take a look at since I last posted one of these.


Godslayer has reached its target, and the funds continue to grow, as do the options on offer. The first stretch goal is in sight, and I expect they'll be a bit of a rush before the final day is up.

Torn World

While there are some promising pieces of concept art on show, this project needs to see a lot more money to be fully realised, and that is working against it. Worth a look for the few models avaliable so far though.

Rogue Trooper

A great Kickstarter from Mongoose Publishing, following on the heels of their Judge Dredd game, it's got a little bit yet to run and some great rewards and stretch goals. Go give it a look.

Eternity Dice


For anyone with a dice fetish, there are some really nice stone dice available here, while a bit pricey I know from personal experience they're good products, as one made from lava sits next to my keyboard.

Wild West Exodus

WWX is gaining funds at an impressive rate, and with 21 days still on the clock there's a lot of potential in the project. Currently the four core factions are being rounded out, but should the total go high enough they'll be while new gangs added. The selection of models is good, and it's worth a look for the vehicles and terrain alone.

Hell Dorado


Anyone wanting to get started with Hell Dorado could do worse than take a look at the project, as it provides some good jumping on pledges. I've not looked into the game fully myself, so you may want to go further afield for more information before taking the leap.


I realise this one is a little bit out of the way from the topic of miniature games, but apen that allows the creation of 3D objects via extruded plastic seems like something that could easily find a place in a hobbyists arsenal of tools.



I'm not sure about this game yet, but anyone wanting a fantasy twist on chess ought to give it a look. 

Empire Of The Dead


Personally I'm not a fan of the EotD range, as while I like the humans the monsters have never looked right to me. Clearly this opinion is in the minority as the Kickstarter is going from strength to strength.

Mutant Chronicles

A blast from the past, Kickstarter is treating Mutant Chronicles very well indeed, and the new models and concept art is looking great.

There are certainly some interesting Kickstarter out there, with something for everyone I think. I'm a little surprised the bubble hasn't burst yet, but certainly can't complain given the quality of the projects that are finding their money through the system.