Kickstarters - 11.02.2013

There are a number of Kickstarters running at the moment that are of interest. As ever present in order of soonest to finish we have.


The miniatures from the Darklands game will be familiar to anyone who frequented the Maelstrom Games website, before that company went south. This bad history doesn't seem to have effected this Kickstarter, run by Mierce Miniatures, who bought the Bane Legion range from Maelstrom before they went bankrupt. 

The models look great, especially the monstersm and  there's a wide range of factions to chose from. The stretch goals have added free models, or opened up the option to buy larger kits, and the best guide is probably the flow chart below

Full starter sets start at £60 (although there are some early bird specials at a slightly reduced price).

Taking a different form from most Kickstarters, Tor Gaming are allowing backers a very mix and match selection of miniatures, be it simply expanding their existing forces, or picking up a starter set and some of the new models.
Games & Gears Pro Studio Brushes

This Kickstarter is running under fairly tight restrictions on numbers, so most of the best pledge levels are gone, but if you want a set of double ended brushes at a reasonable price it's worth checking out.

Beyond The Gates Of Antares

UPDATE - This project has now been cancelled.

Sadly the funding on this game seems to have stalled horribly. I think it's due to there simply not being a solid enough concept to buy into. As much as the idea of influencing the design is an interesting one, there needs to be far more concrete ideas in place to start with. There are more details being added fairly regularly, and Rick Priestley did a slew of interviews when it launched, but I think they need to really get the concepts they've got so far out there in order to meet their goals. It's a shame because I'd like to see what happens with this game.


Blending myth into tabletop gaming Godslayer looks like it should be an interesting game. At £30 to pick up a starter box it seems very reasonable, the big issue is what faction to pick.

2000AD Rogue Trooper

Coming off the back of their very successful Judge Dredd Kickstarter, Mongoose Publishing have launched a Kickstarter for Rogue Trooper. If you're a fan of 2000AD's output it's well worth a look.

Wild West Exodus

This project is pulling in a fair bit of money, with a long time left on the clock. It's dystopian western setting is certainly appealing, and at $50 + shipping for a box of what look to be very nice models it's very tempting to take the plunge.

Empire Of The Dead Requiem

This is on the way, and could be worth considering

Zombicie Season 2

This is on the horizon,and worth bearing in mind before you blow all your pennies.

And that's the lot for now. If anyone know of any I've missed I'd be pleased to add them. Just need to decide which ones I'm backing.


  1. Man, Kickstarter has really taken the gaming world by storm. I simply can't keep up with all the different projects...

    Darklands looks pretty interesting. I am most excited that some of the art in the game is done by Stefan Kopinski (the brother of Karl Kopinski, who is my favorite artist). Stefan's painting for the rulebook is awesome; the water effects are particularly brilliant. Many of the monsters in the game are pretty impressive (that Blood-Maw is pretty creepy...).

    1. There does seem to be a very good range of games getting off the ground thanks to the change in cash flow Kickstarter can provide.

      Darklands does look good, and that artwork is impressive. I could quite easily spend a whole lump of cash buying some of the monsters.


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