Privateer Keynote Videos - What's to come in 2013

There are a number of reasons I like Privateer as a games company, one is that they have a parts service, another is that the FAQ document for their two big systems and faction books only runs to 11 pages, covers 9 books, and a host of models, and thirdly that they run a forum on their own site.

Most relevant of all to this post, is that Privateer Press aren't afraid to say what is coming up. Not only do they have a list of forthcoming releases on their site, but they've also put out the following videos, laying out some of their pans for 2013.

Convergence Of Cyriss

The Convergence Of Cyriss are a new faction for Warmachine. While I like the idea and some of the styling, I'm not wholly sold on them. The release window looks to be set for Lock & Load 2013, which means May/June time, but we'll no doubt be seeing more of them before then.

High Command

Warmachine and Hordes focuses on small engagements, High Command steps things up to huge battles, with the clash of armies. Rather than simply add an Apocalypse style rule set and make people collect more models, High Command will be a card game. A decision I like on a number of levels. Firstly the aforementioned lack of interference and additions to the main game.  Secondly the hope that'll have a sensible price range. Third that I like most of PP's artwork. Fourth that it'll be more portable than the miniature game, and fifthly, that it'll got the potential to be the gateway drug and get more people into the game. The only issue I have is that we've not going to see it until autumn.

Organised Play

Dear lord the backing track is annoying. I've always heard good things about the organised play side of Warmachine/Hordes, and things look set to improve further, with the Machinations League, Steamroller, Hardcore, Masters, and the new Iron Gauntlet World Championship, which will come to fruition in 2014 in Lock and Load.

Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

[Omega Protocol] follows the [Escape] game released last year, expanding the story, and providing a different play experience, introducing models and fleshing out the aliens. It's an interesting video to watch, just to see the playtest materials.