Sunday Photo Page - 10.02.2013

Not a lot to show for the week just gone sadly. I need to put in more hours at the painting table, as while I've painted every day it's not been for long. Amognst other things I've been playing around with a colour scheme for my Khador Winter Guard, and I think a slightly darker take on the studio scheme should work quite well. I've got the bases down on this model, so we'll see what it looks like worked up a bit more.

The second part of an order arrived in the week, giving me another Malifaux crew to get painted up. Seamus and Lady J are going to be my demo crews for showing Malifaux to a few interested parties, being less complex than the other crews I have. I'll put up a review next week.

And that it's rather disappointingly.  Hopefully I'll make more progress next week, or I'll never hit those monthly goals.


  1. I look forward to reading your opinion of Seamus and crew (I kind of think his hat is ridiculously large). I read through some of the background material for Malifaux, along with you posts about the various factions. I am starting to get interested in maybe trying the game myself. As for the miniatures in the game, it looks like they have been making their newer models look more realistic, and less caricatured. The quality of the newer Ten Thunders stuff has largely been what has attracted me to the game (and all the information I have learned about it here).

    1. The review should be going up later today, so you'll not have long to wait.

      The new plastics differ slightly in both look and style, and are certainly amongst the best model Wyrd have produced.

      It's a shame there isn't more Ten Thunders background freely available, with the main Malifaux website having not yet been updated to include them.

      Glad the site has been of use.


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