Sunday Photo Page - 17.02.2013

Well, it needs tidying up with a file, the herringbone at the bottom needs finishing, and then I need to decide if I round the edges to match the base, of leave it as is. However, all that aside, I think I've nailed the pattern I wanted to match. I know I'm missing the bottom row of decorated bricks, but the height differential in the base ought to make that less apparent. If needed I can always break the main wall section away from the base to add in a layer. 

While not terribly obvious on this picture the blob of glue in the middle is where a pin emerges from the wall. I'll be explaining why that is at a later date.


  1. Things are continuing to look good. You have mimicked your reference really well. The chipping/crumbling effect you achieved looks great. I do feel the wall as it is now looks a little too tall for the base it is on. This will probably improve when you finish adding the bricks on the base (as you mentioned).

    1. Glad you like it. Hopefully the height will make sense when the model is added.


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