Failure For March

Oh it's not gone well this month. Annoyingly it's not because something else has wholly stolen my attention, and I can show that off instead. There is something stealing my time, and I reveal that way later in the year. It's not a big thing though.

It's not just hobby that's suffered, as writing has taken a kick in the face as well.

So what have I managed? As ever the goals are repeated here in grey.


I need to set aside a few days and just sit down and get the crews painted. The bases will come along during the evenings, as I'll go mad trying to do them in one lot. This is the big project of the month, and it's going to get done one way or the other, along with...

Oh this one get set aside, in favour of Infinity. A little progress was made, but not much, with the bases done, and a tiny bit of painting.


I've got designs on the Empire Witch Hunter as the basis for an Inquisitor so we'll see how that comes. It'll give me a chance to play around with Finecast, so if nothing else it'll be a learning curve. The big thing is going to be moving him from being a Fantasy model to one more at home in the 40K universe.

I've done a bit of cutting work, and need to firm out what I'm doing with bits of this model, like the armour plate on the leg. I need a bigger idea of the crew that will run with him.


Beyond the oft mention Campaign Book review there's nothing I want to get to this month, as my attention is going to be focused on the above.

Well that showed a lack of foresight. Painting and repainting the Yu Jing took most of my hobby time this month. I'm glad I decided to restart them, as I'm much happy with how they're coming along. I'm about half way through the campaign book, which is good, and should have a review up soon.


I've got models to put together and prep for painting, but I'm going to leave magnetising the Warjacks for another month.

I've not even done this much. I may have picked up one Warmachine model to move it this month.


There's an ever increasing list of things I need to talk about, and we'll see what I get around to, but at the moment putting it up here is a recipe for moaning about not having done it come the end of the month. I'd rather have all the above ticked off, as short a list as it is, than have a longer list and a fail to manage all of it.

This does show a bit of sensible looking ahead, given how badly the rest went, although I was horribly optimistic about the above list. 

Tomorrow I'll set out my plan for April, which will likely be even shorter, and hopefully more achievable. In the main it's a question of getting back into a routine than sits me in front of painting every two days, if not daily.

Zombicide Season 2 - 24 Hour Warning

The Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter is nearing it's end. You can see what's on offer below.

From The Æther - 30.03.2013

Fairly short and sweet this week.

Pirate Viking Painting has painted up an Inquisitor

Inquisitor 001

Eye Of Error has a very nicely converted Beastmaster and Razorwings.


Dave Taylor has based his Ad Mechs, and they're looking fantastic.


Pirate Viking (again) has tips for the care and feeding of your brushes, and stripping paint of models

INQ28 has pictures of Inquisitor Gillam Harrow, see what kits you can spot.


Recalcitrantdaze has made a great Looted Wagon

pikey Bits have started a Podcast

On a similar note, Fields Of Blood, has a podcast list up.

Matt Wilson talks about the launch of Privateer Press' fiction line.

I stumbled across a very old post of the Lead Adventure Forum, with pictures of a great looking Malifaux table.

Tau New Releases

The Tau have gone up for pre order on the GW webstore. Here's my thoughts on them.

Codex: Tau Empire Limited Edition £60.

I don't really know why this should rank so much more expensive than previous limited editions, at twice the cost of the standard Codex, with the only difference being a fancy jacket and cover.

Codex: Tau Empire £30.

A more reasonably priced standard version of the book. It has to be said GW are really nailing the Codex covers at the moment (Army Books I'm less sure about, but the Codex covers have all been great so far). I'm looking forward to giving this book a once over in store, just in a books as objects way.

XV104 RIptide Battlesuit £50

It's interesting that this kit only creates a single variant, rather than the dual sets we've been seeing recently. I wonder if it's because it's been designed for a while, if the rules simply didn't suit a second version, or if it was manufacturing reasons. The models looks great, with a lot of posability, and a good selection of weaponry. I suspect this model will end up on shelves simply for being cool, if not see people start a Tau army, simply to use it in an allied force on the tabletop.

Sun Shark Bomber/Razorshark Strike Fighter £40

 I'm still not sure about the overall shape of this model, from above, as it sticks too close to the outline of a standard plane, rather than the more stingray or blocky shapes seen in other Tau craft. Other than that it looks like a great model with loads of nice little touches. It would seem that this kit will be amongst the easier dual purpose kits to set up as being either or via magnets, but that's very much a guess, without the model in hand.

I'll be interested to see how the community takes to painting them, with the large flat areas to play with.
Side on the model looks very different from the vehicles of any other race, and the tail guns are a nice touch. 

 XV88 Broadside Battlesuit £30

The poseing on this model looks great, although I do wonder how much variety we'll be able to get, or if it'll be a case of just that configuration fitting the parts.

I really like the heft of the new version on the Broadsides, as they feel like the step up from the crisis suits that they always should have been.

I'm not sure about the twin linked missile system, but the model below has a great colour scheme.

 Pathfinders £20

 This certainly looks a good kit, with the three drones and lots of options for the Pathfinders. The leg and arm options make things look a lot more dynamic, than say the Imperial Guard kits, and hopefully that's something we'll see more often in the plastic troop sets.

Below is the Recon Drone mounted in a Devilfish

Before I move onto the single models, there is also the repackaged Crisis Battlesuit Team, and the Hammerhead, but to my knowledge the kits have not changed.

What Have Games Workshop Done For Us? - Artists

Looking at one of the recent updates from the Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter it occurred to me how many artists GW has fostered. Below are the images and bios pulled from said update.

Kevin Walker went freelance in 1987 and spent years illustrating for British comic 2000 AD and Games Workshop. There followed years of comics, both writing and illustrating, with a wide variety of media, before becoming a father and realizing it was time to get some work done. Illustrations for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, several computer game projects and comic work followed, working for 2000AD, DC Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel. Working on Thunderbolts actually attracted some attention. He's now the regular penciller and inker on Avengers Arena for Marvel Comics.

In recent years he has worked on cover art for titles such as Young Bond, Artemis Fowl, Changeling and Vampirates. He is currently working mostly for Marvel Comics from his home in Yorkshire, England. 

“Pull my finger!” 

“This... (smack).... is ... (thump) .... the .... (crunch)... life!”

 Adrian Smith (born 1969 in England, United Kingdom) is a illustrator/concept designer living in Scotland. Best known for his work with Games Workshop and numerous similar companies, Adrian has also done concept design work for computer games companies such as THQ and EA. Other credits include a short comic series in France written by Pat Mills and book illustrations alongside renowned artists from around the world. Recently Adrian has been self publishing, the first project being his art book "Illuminations", and plans are in motion for a series of comics early in 2013. In addition to these personal projects, he still finds time for freelance work with various companies." 

Padre Johnson 

“The Lord says... Boom!” 


“This gives me an idea for a song...”

Karl Kopinski was born in Nottingham in 1971, drawing became an obsession from an early age. After studying fine art at university he picked up his first freelance work with Games Workshop’s publishing house Black Library, which quickly led to a position in the main GW art department where he worked for 7 years, looking for new challenges he returned to freelance work around 5 years ago. He is currently still based in Nottingham and now works in a wide variety of fields and media including book illustration, concept design for the games industry, military history paintings and portraiture, and of course the legendary Magic: the Gathering cards!!

Angry Mary

“Don't call me angry!”

Red Cap Ben
“They put something in the water so they can mind control us!”

Between GW and Magic The Gathering there's some very good artists being brought on (personally I really like Adrian Smith's work, but Kev Walker's art for Daemonifuge is amazing (I really do miss Warhammer Monthly). It's a long way away from toy soldiers, but it's interesting to see the way game industry reaches out in ways you wouldn't expect. I'm trying to think of other examples: a fair few GW alumni have gone onto write book, or been game designers for others, or moved over to computer games (not to mention all the behind the scenes staff like mould makers etc). I wonder how GW is regarded as a source for talent in the world of industry?

No Quarter 45 - Nov/Dec 2012

I'm on a bit of a catch up with No Quarter. Here's my review of Issue No 45 from Nov/December. You can find the No Quarter Plus edition here.

A bit of character art for one of the releases this month, and a hint as to the big articles.               
What you'd expect, with a smaller, but clean copy of the cover art          
Table of Contents           
Single page, does what it says on the tin              
It starts well, then slides away into a rundown of the magazine.               
News from the Front    
A run down of Foodmachine 2012, a series of events with a noble and charitable goal.   
New Releases  
Only three pages of new releases, with minimal pictures and information. You get no more information than you need.               
HORDES: Gargantuans Previews              
Another article pulling five pages from the Gargantuan rule book to preview some of the new models, including the Everblight Archangel. Sadly we see a common fault amongst PP output, with an image repeated, in this case the cover picture turns up for the third time           
Gen Con 2012 Recap      
Interviews, army lists, and pictures of the Formula P3 Grandmasters Painting Comp, make for a solid article.      
Guts & Gears: Long Riders          
With background, rules, a Tactica, and painting guide this pieces does an all round job on the Trollkin Long Riders             
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
The Gavyn Kyle Files: Bloody Barnabas
Eight pages (with on full page illustration) of background on Barnabas makes for good reading  
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Forces of Distinction XI
Three pages of background, with new rules for a Witch Coven of Garlghast force.            
The Care and Maintenance of Steamjacks           
Three pages of background, based as the title suggests, around steamjacks.      
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Monsternomicon & Beyond      
A detailed bestiary for adding spectres to the Iron Kingdom RPG              
Foundry, Forge & Crucible: Tools of the Trade  
A six page arsenal of weaponized tools, it's worth a look just for the descriptions and art.            
Modeling & Painting: IK Conversions II
Another three models go under the razorsaw this week, resulting in two Mechanics and a battered 'jack for use in the RPG               
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Defenders of Thrace Scenario   
In the main this is a ancient history lesson, but it does have a good scenario at the end.                
Terrain Building: Custom Battle Board  
A hugely detailed article, that sets out how to build a two piece 4'x4' table.         
Modelling & Painting Quick Tips: Where There’s Smoke             
I'm not a fan of the end result, but this is a good piece about making smoky flame for your modles, covering sculpting and painting,             
Player Gallery  
A single page shows off some alt. Paint schemes, which are always good to see.              
Hell-Bound Challenge  
The results of the challenge from No Quarter #43, with the winner, and runners up on show.    
The Armory: Colossals & Gargantuans  
Templates for use my models from the Colossals and Gargantuan books              
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Inside Back Cover           
No Quarter subscription ad        
Back Cover         
Logo reminder that Warmachine is now celebrating its 10th year.             
All of which makes a scarily consistent score of 91.

I really like No Quarter, and there's more to get out of it for a none Warmachine/Hordes player than there is reading White Dwarf as a none 40K/Fantasy player. The page count feels far more well used, and I'll doubtless be coming back to the painting and background sections years from now.

White Dwarf - March 2013 (399)

Apologies for how horribly late this is; it got pushed back and pushed back as other posts took priority. 

Possibly not the model I'd have picked to sell the mag outside the hobby. It seems this type of cover is here to stay, and I'm not sure about it, I do miss the artwork in White Dwarf. I'm going to keep a note of the number of illustrations and put the count back here, just as reference. It's good to see the models, but that's only part of GW's output. 
The illustration count comes out at a huge 1. One single pieces of art not referenced as part of an article, or in advertising material, although including these doesn't improve the total much. It seems something of a shame to give such a one sided view of the hobby, especially given the Codices and Army Books going full colour. On a similar point, note the lack of any fluff pieces. 
Opening Salvo 
We slip even more into introducing the magazine, rather than a quick bit on the hobby as a whole from someone in position to talk about it, with the inclusion of page numbers.
I still think this could be done on a single page, but ah well.         
New Releases  
34 pages of straight new releases this month, with Daemons taking the lions share of that. Other sections continue as they have done in all the new type issues. Forge World's Heresy Terminators look amazing, and Warhammer Quest gets spotlighted in Licensed Games
Army Of The Month      
Dave Robert's Lamenters and Grey Knight force draws heavily on Forge World models, and includes some great looking models. Sadly his techniques don't get a breakdown in paint splatter, but there are lots of ideas to harvest.
Jervis Johnson 
After five proceeding new style issues I'm fairly sure I know what Jervis looks like without a half page picture. The rest of the two page piece makes up for it with a talk about games design.
Battle Report    
I'll be honest. I just skip past these section now, with a quick scan to make sure the style hasn't changed to something I actually like, or that it includes an army I'm interested in.
The Rivals          
No Rivals this month. Interesting to see what gets dropped when GW need page space.
White Dwarf shows off Kari from SpikyRat Pack's INQ28 models this month. It's almost worth getting White Dwarf just for these Blanchitsu articles. Fingers crossed will see some Fantasy madness soon, to even things up a bit.
Citadel Hall Of Fame     
A look at the disturbing figure of Urien Rakarth this month.        
Parade Ground
Golden Demon 2012 Part 3, takes up 16 pages with gloriously converted and painted miniatures. While I do like the inclusion of this sort of thing, allowing readers to bask in the best of the hobby, and giving due credit to the artists behind each piece, I do have to wonder if we're losing page space to "harder" articles.

Kit Bash               
More Ork Fighta's this month, having now been in this article three times in 6 issues. While it does show off the versatility of the kit, is getting a bit wearing. Hopefully a change next month.
Eight pages of Armies On Parade entries from 2012, gives a nice look at other people's forces, and has some good terrain ideas.
Paints Splatter 
This article continues to be poor, skimming over things, that should be gone over in more detail. It covers a little bit about spray guns, including testing on a spare model. Spare model, who has one of those these days? There are three sections with a tiny bit of information from the 'Eavy Metal team before we move on to the now standard base wash, layer technique. These does seem like it will have the end result of locking everyone at a mediocre level if they only learn through White Dwarf,  and force everyone who wants to improve to hunt out other sources online.
Jeremy Vetock 
See my point about recognising Jervis. Jeremy talks hobby woes this month, something we can all relate to.
The Month In...               
White Dwarf     
Once again a good range of models from across the studio. It'd be interesting to see if there was any favouritism based on peoples armies.
The Design Studio          
John Blacnhe talks about the origin of Chaos Daemons, while the sculptors talk through the three "big kits" of the launch. There's a gorgeous map of the Realms Of Chaos, and some armies from around the Studio.
Forge World     
This really is the teaser section of the magazine, with pictures of Forge World's WIP, with some great looking things to show off.
Black Library     
An interview with Ben Counter rounds the month off, along with a look at two forces from the Black Library offices.

Parting Shot      
Thunder Wolves vs a Hive Tyrant. I miss the hints of what next month will bring
This remains horribly laid out and sparse.             
Back Cover         
Nurgle pulls a double whammy on front and back, with this side showing the herald.
All of which comes to a slightly dismal 36, with paint splatter and the battle report dragging the issue down.

There's a lot I'd like to see altered with the new White Dwarf, but I do think there are more sections that I'll be going back to months and years from now to look at Golden Daemon winners, INQ28 models (I hope we get to see Blanchitsu used for a battle report in the old style), or design studio stuff.

I do think the points I made under the cover heading are possibly worth there own post once we see what issue 400 brings.