A Plan For March 2013

Last month did not go well. With that in mind this month is going to be even more cut down.

Oh progress has elude me on all fronts this month. Let's get this over with.

Yesterday I put up a post about how I got on in January trying to meet my hobby goals. Today It's time to work out what I'm doing this month.


I need to set aside a few days and just sit down and get the crews painted. The bases will come along during the evenings, as I'll go mad trying to do them in one lot. This is the big project of the month, and it's going to get done one way or the other, along with...


I've got designs on the Empire Witch Hunter as the basis for an Inquisitor so we'll see how that comes. It'll give me a chance to play around with Finecast, so if nothing else it'll be a learning curve. The big thing is going to be moving him from being a Fantasy model to one more at home in the 40K universe.


Beyond the oft mention Campaign Book review there's nothing I want to get to this month, as my attention is going to be focused on the above.


I've got models to put together and prep for painting, but I'm going to leave magnetising the Warjacks for another month.


There's an ever increasing list of things I need to talk about, and we'll see what I get around to, but at the moment putting it up here is a recipe for moaning about not having done it come the end of the month. I'd rather have all the above ticked off, as short a list as it is, than have a longer list and a fail to manage all of it. 

Fingers crossed March will prove better for the hobby than February was. Off to Black Library Live tomorrow, so it's at least getting off to a good start.