From The Æther - 09.03.2013

A very wide ranging set of links this week, so lets get started.

First up, from The Tears of Isstvan, with some more of John Blanche's models, and some Daemonettes.


Geekosystem talks about the Gygax magazine launch.

Privateer Insider looks at packaging models for sending through the post.

Spikey Bits has some good pictures of a Night Lords force, and in turn links to the Night Lords Project.

Warmill Games talks about their Heavy Brigade tournament experience, along with some very nice pictures of board, including a really nice park.


Dave Taylor works his magic with one of the Wild West Exodus Enlightened (Go support their Kickstarter)


Between The Bolter and Me has a review up of Forge World's new Loken and Abaddon set.

Bell Of Lost Souls continues to keep us up to date with the developments in the GW vs Chapterhouse case.

Graven Games have a jaw dropping Chimera conversion, that started life as a Pig Iron APC


And that's a portion of the week that was. Hopefully I've not missed much, but if so, do shout out in the comments.