From The Æther - 23.03.2013

A long one this week, covering the last fortnight, so sorry if it begins a little out of date.

Over on the Infinity forums, Mayanaut has got a CAD laser cutter, and it's interesting watching him have a play around with it.

Spikey Bits reviews Death From The Skies, going to pains to separate the book from the issues around it.

Tabletop Wars In Cambridge puts together some Marines inspired by Greek Mythology


Pins Of War takes us on a journey through the history of the Daemonette models. I still hold the 2002 versions as my favourites.

The Hobbynomicon has a Beginner's Guide to Heading Through the Breach.

Realm Of Chaos 80's has some great pictures of game boards, and a hidden gem at the end of the article.
Table 1

One of the Spikey Rat Pack reveals himself, and shows off a fantastic conversion


Lil Loser has painted up the Abaddon vs. Loken Diorama


CoolMiniOrNot have posted a video of the sculpting of Grindlock from the Toxic City Mall Zombicide expansion. 

Apocalypse 40K gets the plasticard out for making a Grot Battle-Krooza


Max Von Deadlock talks about playing Eden, and has a great photo of the demo table from Salute 2011

Off topic, are you thinking what I'm (Balrog) thinking  (Balrog)? Via Gundam Guy

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Warmil have an Infinity Battle Report up, which you can read in full on the Data Sphere, the unoficiial game forum.


Standard Temple Construction takes a look at zombies, and tries to find a cheap horde.

Dark Future Games have made a Daemon Prince from an unlikely source.


A Gentleman's Ones gets back into things with some OOP Chaos Marines.

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Graven Games reviews Angry Badger's Barricade Kit


Bell Of Lost Souls has links to Bob Naismith's Deposition in the on-going Chapterhouse vs GW legal case. It's worth a read to get some of the background on the design inspirations of the Space Marines.

The Resurrected Hobbyist gets ready for priming season.

Confessions Of A 40K Addict has pictures of a rather unusual way to display an army list; a full sized World Eater helm.


James Wappel goes through magnetising the missiles on a Razorwing


Dave Taylor has another lovely Mechanicum model to show off


KraurScientist at Eternal Hunt has turned his attentions to Orcs.


Eye Of Error has a lovely Lelith conversion.


Beasts Of War posted this video, of a rather awesome Stormwall conversion

Mikko of Spikey Rat Pack announces the Femmes Imperum

And lastly, a sort of farewell to Old School Terminator of Dark Future Gaming, with a bit of direction towards former authors.