Musings On Infinity - Yu Jing Colour Scheme

I'm currently on a bit of a swing back to Infinity after it got sort of left behind last year. With that in mind I've returned to painting my Yu Jing force. Restarting a project that was left at an early stage gives me an opportunity to go over my decisions, and potentially start from scratch. With that in mind the below is me working through my thoughts on where I want to go with the colour scheme on the models.

Here is the Imperial Service box, as painted in the studio scheme. It's a bit bright for my liking, and while the orange and green scheme works, I don't think this is the place for it.

I chose to take a fairly large departure from this scheme when I started painting the models. Here's a picture those of you who've been following me for a while may recognise. It was a fairly rough first pass at the scheme. Since I painted this I've painted the visor white, as the turquoise wasn't working for me. 

So what do I think coming back to this? Well, the first thing I want to do is touch on some influences I'm keen to make a nod too with the paint scheme. I don't want to simply copy something, as that's a little obvious, but I am going to take bits.

The first thing I want to draw upon is Ghost In The Shell, which while an obvious touchstone, is also one worthy of inclusion. There's already a hint of it in the above, but I think the purple is too strong.

And, a more clothed example of Major Motoko Kusanagi

I think I can probably close the colour scheme I've chosen to a more limited palette, based off the greys and whites here. What I do need to be careful of is leaning too far towards a colour scheme that echoes the ALEPH faction, who have a definate Ghost In The Shell inspiration.

To draw on another influence, there is of course Akira.

I think this is too much at odds with the more practical colour scheme of Ghost In The Shell, but I think adding a bit of red as a spot colour may do the job. There are also the bikes that will be the most obvious choice for this, and hence the models that will be left out of the homage.

I do realise that I'm picking the easiest of manga and anime that I could, but then, there's reason for that, in that it's only worth referencing something when people are going to know what is being referenced. There are other things I could pull in, and no doubt will, but while making a base for the army I want to keep things fairly slimmed down.

There is also the question of marrying the colour scheme to the nature of the troopers. There's the Celestial Guards, which are the professional soldiers of the group, the Imperial Agent and the Hsien, are both officer class troops, and the Wu Ming, who are prisoners conscripted to the force.

Clearly, given the division between the classes of the force I need to make this clear in the colour scheme. I think the easiest way to decide what I'm doing is going to be to jump right in. The one chance I know I'm going to make is to make the guns black, as the white bodywork just doesn't work for me.Once I've got the Celestial Guards done I can widen the paint scheme out.


  1. I am excited to see how this turns out. Good sources of inspiration to draw on. My brother always wanted to do a storm trooper based Imperial Guard army with a color scheme based on Jin-Roh (part of Mamoru Oshii's Kerberos saga). Black armour, dark brown trousers, etc.

    1. Hopefully I'll be making a start this weekend. Decided to stip the model so I can really nail the black lining between armour plates. Currently debating how much to alter the female Cestial Guards, as I dislike that they have flesh showing, where the men don't (which is going to get changed). I'm not a fan of either the hair or the individual breast plates of the armour, but I'm not sure either my alternate ideas or sculpting skills would improve things. I've also got to work something out for the Aridnan force, which is a whole different kettle of fish, and something I'm lacking an inspiration for.

      The Jin-Roh look liked they'd make a nice starting point for a IG force. I'm also reminded how little amine I know of (in a case of the more you know, the more you know you don't know I fear).


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