No Quarter 45 - Nov/Dec 2012

I'm on a bit of a catch up with No Quarter. Here's my review of Issue No 45 from Nov/December. You can find the No Quarter Plus edition here.

A bit of character art for one of the releases this month, and a hint as to the big articles.               
What you'd expect, with a smaller, but clean copy of the cover art          
Table of Contents           
Single page, does what it says on the tin              
It starts well, then slides away into a rundown of the magazine.               
News from the Front    
A run down of Foodmachine 2012, a series of events with a noble and charitable goal.   
New Releases  
Only three pages of new releases, with minimal pictures and information. You get no more information than you need.               
HORDES: Gargantuans Previews              
Another article pulling five pages from the Gargantuan rule book to preview some of the new models, including the Everblight Archangel. Sadly we see a common fault amongst PP output, with an image repeated, in this case the cover picture turns up for the third time           
Gen Con 2012 Recap      
Interviews, army lists, and pictures of the Formula P3 Grandmasters Painting Comp, make for a solid article.      
Guts & Gears: Long Riders          
With background, rules, a Tactica, and painting guide this pieces does an all round job on the Trollkin Long Riders             
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
The Gavyn Kyle Files: Bloody Barnabas
Eight pages (with on full page illustration) of background on Barnabas makes for good reading  
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Forces of Distinction XI
Three pages of background, with new rules for a Witch Coven of Garlghast force.            
The Care and Maintenance of Steamjacks           
Three pages of background, based as the title suggests, around steamjacks.      
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Monsternomicon & Beyond      
A detailed bestiary for adding spectres to the Iron Kingdom RPG              
Foundry, Forge & Crucible: Tools of the Trade  
A six page arsenal of weaponized tools, it's worth a look just for the descriptions and art.            
Modeling & Painting: IK Conversions II
Another three models go under the razorsaw this week, resulting in two Mechanics and a battered 'jack for use in the RPG               
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Defenders of Thrace Scenario   
In the main this is a ancient history lesson, but it does have a good scenario at the end.                
Terrain Building: Custom Battle Board  
A hugely detailed article, that sets out how to build a two piece 4'x4' table.         
Modelling & Painting Quick Tips: Where There’s Smoke             
I'm not a fan of the end result, but this is a good piece about making smoky flame for your modles, covering sculpting and painting,             
Player Gallery  
A single page shows off some alt. Paint schemes, which are always good to see.              
Hell-Bound Challenge  
The results of the challenge from No Quarter #43, with the winner, and runners up on show.    
The Armory: Colossals & Gargantuans  
Templates for use my models from the Colossals and Gargantuan books              
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Inside Back Cover           
No Quarter subscription ad        
Back Cover         
Logo reminder that Warmachine is now celebrating its 10th year.             
All of which makes a scarily consistent score of 91.

I really like No Quarter, and there's more to get out of it for a none Warmachine/Hordes player than there is reading White Dwarf as a none 40K/Fantasy player. The page count feels far more well used, and I'll doubtless be coming back to the painting and background sections years from now.