Sunday Photo Page - 03.03.2013

I've made a very small start on some INQ28 models this weekend, removing details from the Empire Witch Hunter, and dealing with the abysmal state of the Finecast (missing fingers and all sorts), and putting together a Forge World Commissar, who I'm tempted to just leave as is.

The before photo, with comets on the boots, and a feather in the hat, and bubbles bloody everywhere.

And the after shot, sans feather and comets,and with a healthy amount of liquid greenstuff splashed about. The Commissar needed his power sword straightening, and not that it's attached there's the gap at his wrist to deal with. He's too nice a model to change really, but there's a certain INQ28 feeling missing at the moment. I think the atmosphere might have to come from the base rather than the model in this instance. The Witch Hunter needs a lot of 40Kifying, which is going to mean serious work on his right leg to remove the armour plate and the puffed fabric. The pistol also needs some ammo clip to mark it as more than a flintlock, but I'm undecided what to do with it. As for the weaponry, I'm not certain what's going to go on his back as yet, as both pieces have their merits.


  1. Great to see you starting work on your Inquisitor stuff. That Death Korp Commissar is a really neat model. Maybe you could get some of those Forge World brass Inquisitor 'I's and put one on his sword or his sash?

    As for the witch-hunter, good work remedying the miscasts associated with Finecast (I still have not managed to finish assembling a Finecast miniature). You might be able to work his holster pistol into a plasma pistol of sorts. I also think I like the sheathed claymore better than the other pistol for his back.

    1. I'm quite looking forward to putting together more bispoke models than the usual run of the mill stuff. I think the Forge World detailing may be the way to go. I think it's the peaked cap that's the big visual identifier, along with the brocaded jacket. It's going to take a lot of consideration before I take the knife to him though.

      There's still much remedial work to do on the Witch Hunter. Finecast is improving, from what I've seen of the newer releases, so it's not all doom and gloom, but beware older kits. I like the pistol back piece because of the hilt on the dagger. I'm a way off adding either on yet, but I might play around with combining them or changing the attachment point.


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