Tau New Releases

The Tau have gone up for pre order on the GW webstore. Here's my thoughts on them.

Codex: Tau Empire Limited Edition £60.

I don't really know why this should rank so much more expensive than previous limited editions, at twice the cost of the standard Codex, with the only difference being a fancy jacket and cover.

Codex: Tau Empire £30.

A more reasonably priced standard version of the book. It has to be said GW are really nailing the Codex covers at the moment (Army Books I'm less sure about, but the Codex covers have all been great so far). I'm looking forward to giving this book a once over in store, just in a books as objects way.

XV104 RIptide Battlesuit £50

It's interesting that this kit only creates a single variant, rather than the dual sets we've been seeing recently. I wonder if it's because it's been designed for a while, if the rules simply didn't suit a second version, or if it was manufacturing reasons. The models looks great, with a lot of posability, and a good selection of weaponry. I suspect this model will end up on shelves simply for being cool, if not see people start a Tau army, simply to use it in an allied force on the tabletop.

Sun Shark Bomber/Razorshark Strike Fighter £40

 I'm still not sure about the overall shape of this model, from above, as it sticks too close to the outline of a standard plane, rather than the more stingray or blocky shapes seen in other Tau craft. Other than that it looks like a great model with loads of nice little touches. It would seem that this kit will be amongst the easier dual purpose kits to set up as being either or via magnets, but that's very much a guess, without the model in hand.

I'll be interested to see how the community takes to painting them, with the large flat areas to play with.
Side on the model looks very different from the vehicles of any other race, and the tail guns are a nice touch. 

 XV88 Broadside Battlesuit £30

The poseing on this model looks great, although I do wonder how much variety we'll be able to get, or if it'll be a case of just that configuration fitting the parts.

I really like the heft of the new version on the Broadsides, as they feel like the step up from the crisis suits that they always should have been.

I'm not sure about the twin linked missile system, but the model below has a great colour scheme.

 Pathfinders £20

 This certainly looks a good kit, with the three drones and lots of options for the Pathfinders. The leg and arm options make things look a lot more dynamic, than say the Imperial Guard kits, and hopefully that's something we'll see more often in the plastic troop sets.

Below is the Recon Drone mounted in a Devilfish

Before I move onto the single models, there is also the repackaged Crisis Battlesuit Team, and the Hammerhead, but to my knowledge the kits have not changed.

XV8 Battlesuit Commander £25

While this model is different from the standard Crisis Suits, I'm not sure that he's an extra £10 and the headache of being Finecast different. The most notable features are slightly tweaked armour design, the visible hands, and a variety of specialist weapons options.

Cadre Fireblade £12

 A plastic character model, I like the pose of this model. My one criticism is that his rifle looks like it's dipping below the level of the base, and that it's going to make him a pig to place in combat, or terrain, and for transport.

Commander Farsight £30

Farsight is certainly a nice, dynamic looking model, and I've got nothing to criticise, bar the price, and that in Finecast those trailing strips are going to snap easily.

Farsight Enclave Fire Warrior Shoulder Pads £8

It's interesting that this upgrade kit is listed as Finecast, while other such items have been non specified "resin". I wonder how many of these will sell, or if the bits market (while it lasts) will be full of single pads for people to cast a set from.

Darkstrider £11

Surprisingly this model is cheaper than the plastic Firecast character above. It's interesting they don't share the same price bracket both in terms of model to model cost, and materials.

Longstrike £9.50

 Again I note the point above about pricing.

I had though this model would simply be cut off at the torso, but clearly not. That being said it's odd that the complete model isn't posed to stand on a normal base. Given his price I wonder if he'll be the most common base for commander conversions?

And that's it for the new releases. I've got to say I do like most the models above, and while the price is making my eyes water for some things (the LE Codex. £60? Really) that's not a compalint unique to the Tau. On a very tangential point, it's noticeable how little fancy shading and blending work there is on some of the models, with only the Sun Shark really standing out in a colour scheme that would be a pig to follow. That said the models and scheme don't lend themselves to it.

I do feel sorry for the Kroot who've been sadly ignored in this release wave, although they have got a one click bundle. Talking of one click bundles (which, save you a total of 0 pounds and 0 pence) I've got more to say about them next week.

Also missing is anything to pre-order for Fantasy players, who must be starting to feel quiet left out. No Daemons don't count. 

There are Hobbit pre orders that I'll cover next week as well (although, does anyone care?).


  1. Farsight looks fandamntastic! The other characters are just blah! I have always been a closet Tau fan especially the firewarriors a stealth suits. The new broadsides are pretty badass too. They blow the pants off the old version. I still dislike the crisis suits and don't think that will change anytime soon.

    1. Farsight does look good, as does the new Commander in his enforcer suit. Crisis suits look a bit stiff and blocky, but the stealth suits (either version) are great.

  2. I'd think the Farsight model may also suffer from the occasional broken ankle, due to the single fairly small contact with the base. Particularly if you get any defects in the lower leg from finecast. I must say though, I'm getting annoyed with the presence of tons of fragile bits (not just GW who are guilty of this though, and I'm sure it's not generally a new problem) that just snap off the model as soon as you put it in a case, take it out of the case, move it, pick it up, put it down or look at it in the wrong way...

    1. Farsight does look liable for a number of nasty transportation and handling accidents. I've also got to wonder how well he balances.

      I wonder if growing up with the old lead models have given us a false idea of how flexible things should be. I certainly agree about things breaking more readily than they should. Latest annoyance has been the belt buckle on the Witchhunter, and the antenna on the Wu Ming falling off (there's no way I'm pinning them on).


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