Yu Jing Attempt The Third

I've made another start on my Yu Jing Celestial Guard. Here they are with the primer ready to be potentially ruined for a third time.

This close up ought to give some idea of what the armour plating looks like before I get any more paint on it. Note the complicated shape under the knees.

After a disappointing visit to my FLGS, I discovered they had no Vallejo black ink. What they did have was some of GW's Imperial Primer, which is a far more watery black than the standard Abaddon Black. With this watered down even further I've picked out the joints in the armour. It's not as good as ink, but it's stronger than a wash, and there's less transfer than with Abaddon Black. I'll be going over with another pass after I've blocked in the other colours. That done I'm not sure if I want to use Administratum Grey or Celerstra Grey to add a tiny bit of shading to the plates. Whatever I decide, I'll be hitting them with a shiny new pot of Ceramite White, to hopefully nail the smooth finish.

The model on the far left is a Wu Ming Assault Trooper, and will be getting a different colour scheme from the Celestial Guard, but pulled from the same pallet. I've got him to line, as above, with Imperial Primer, then I'll be picking out some armour plates, while turning others black.